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B12 injections online

Hello to everyone - I am new to this site and to the concept of self injecting. I have been vegan since I was 6 years of age and have not taken supplements. I have 80% of the symptoms of PA, I was hospitalised and received 3 injections and wow what a difference - I felt like a new person - my brain fog and depression lifted. As soon as I came out of hospital - that was it - no more B12 injections. I gradually felt I was losing myself again. I found this site and I am keen to find out where I can order Hydroxocobalamin injections online. Thank you in advance - desprately want to get back to a normal existance as I have had to give up my job now also.



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Dear Dawn , welcome! I am on holiday in Germany and Austria  and have just walked into a chemist and stocked up on Hydroxocobalamin . No problems But in the UK you can get onto German Amazon ( Amazon de) and search for " vitamin B 12 ampullen"  you should then see pictures of B12 cartons . enlarge them so you can see the printing .you will find some are CYNOCOBALAMIN" but you must find "HYDROXOCOBALAMIN"  I think they cost about £12 for 10.   But unfortunately the courier costs are about the same  very best wishes to you .


Hi Wedgewood, sorry to hijack but I'm going to Germany next month and want to get hydroxocobalamin for injecting. Did you just go into a chemist ask ask for the ampules? Any limit on how much to buy and any restrictions on getting them back in hand luggage? No proof needed to buy them? I've ordered from put hope to stock up next month!


Yes, LtAngua52. Absolutely no problem at all. No proof needed   or prescription. You have to go to an Apotheke  . I just asked for   "Vitamin B zwoelf Ampullen."  The chemist I went to only had CYNOCOBALAMIN in the shop, but they ordered them in for me and I had them within 2 hours . You must make sure that you get  HYDROXOCOBALAMIN. . I think I paid 13 Euros for a pack of 10 .I actually bought 3 packs .  I have never brought them back before, but as the liquid is such a small amount,I don't anticipate any problem. I return to U. K. tomorrow and I will report back to you. 


What great service and easy! I hope to bring it back in my hand luggage. Thank you and have a good trip. :-)

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Hello Dawn, I'm sure someone will be along shortly to answer your question, but I'm interested in your post, as a fellow vegan (25 years) I can look back on most of my medical history and see a link with b12 deficiency. Depression, insomnia, pins and needles/numbness in arms/hands, tinnitus,  two MRI scan for the last two, myself and my doctor were under the illusion that my B12 was ok as I didn't have the enlarged blood cells, I've learned this might be hidden because we have a tendency to have higher folate diets. I have only ever had one B12 serum test, I was told the lab usually rejected requests for it(something to do with people wanting B12 for other reasons)

I was told my results were good, 400. But I've gone on to develope what has been put down to CFS/ME(fatigue, flu like pain, blurred vision, stumbling around like I'm drunk, brain fog)After 4 years I've just been offered therapeutic B12 injections for CFS . So I'm hopeful maybe this will help me.(jarrow b12 hasn't) I'm learning a lot about B12 from this group, I don't have PA that I know of, it could be viewed as being a self induced deficiency, I wonder if not eating animal b12 over time effects how intrinsic factor works, I get the impression there is still a lot to learn about B12.

Another vitamin that we wouldn't normally get in our diet is K2, might be worth looking up.

The recommendation for CFS/ME B12 injections is one a week for 12 weeks then one a month for 12 months, I'm not sure I'll get all of those going on other people's NHS experiences, but I'm two shots in!


Wow pinny_gigs, I'm amazed you have had therapeutic b12 injections for CFS/ME. You must have  a very enlightened GP/consultant.

I was under the impression that NICE Guidelines state that b12 tests should not automatically be carried out on people who are diagnosed with CFS/ME.

See link below


As a vegan it's quite likely that your B12 deficiency is due to a lack of B12 in your diet. That means you should be able to take oral supplements as there will be no problem with absorption.

I would try taking some fairly high dose B12 tablets (anything between 500 and 5000 ug) - either hydroxocobalamin or cyanocobalamin. One per day for a few weeks, to build up the levels, should do the job just as well as injections - with a lot less hassle.

Once you're feeling OK again then you can switch to a lower dose, such as you would find in a general multi-Vitamin B tablet. Or carry on with the high dose tablets less frequently.

If you don't improve with the tablets then you probably want to get your GP to test you for anti-Intrinsic Factor antibodies, to see if it is an absorption problem (although it give a false negative 50% of the time). If it is positive then you have PA and will need injections for life.


FBirder posted this very helpful reply a while ago :

"I get my B12 from - - the site is very similar to, so if you're familiar with that navigation is fairly easy. Otherwise you can open in one window and google translate in the other.

I get my syringes, needles and wipes from

Green needles to draw the solution up into the syringe

Blue needles for the actual injection -

2ml syringes -

Sterile wipes -

I find the ampoules aren't scored (or aren't well scored) so I use these to open them"


Personally, I've noticed that people generally need a lot more B12 at the beginning than you'd think, especially with neurological symptoms and having been vegan for years.  Sally Pacholok -"Could it be B12?", recommends covering all bases, so I think I would initially treat with injections and supplement sublingually with Jarrows Methylcobalamin 5000 mcg, until you feel you are optimal with no neurological symptoms. You could then carry on with just supplements.


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