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Best way/time to take Solgar Vitamin B12 5000mcg

My order for Solgar B12 5000 mcg has arrived. Following comments on here I have also got

1) multi vitamin

2) B complex

3) vitamin D (as also deficient in this)

I also take levothyroxine. I take this in the morning about 1 hour before breakfast.

What is the best time to take the B12? Is it better with food or an empty stomach?

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It doesn't matter when you take the B12.

Empty or full stomach isn't goingto make a difference if you have an absorption problem - think that what you have is sublinguals and idea is that they are absorbed through membranes in the mouth not in the gut

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I found these took about 11 hours to start working with me, so I took them in the evening so they worked the next day. If I take them in the morning I am full of energy just before bedtime. But everyone is different. If I take sub-linguals they only take about an hour to work so I take them in the morning.


If you're taking multi vitamins and a B complex, check the ingredients to make sure you're not getting too much B6.


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