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Online b12

Hi iv ordered my hydrocoll sorry forgot the end bit ov it its a b12 injection online how do I go about getin needles an syringes ,and wat size I need .I kept a diary after my last injection and had energy for about two weeks but my tics wer worse. Now the fatique has come bac .I can't believe for years now I thought all my systems wer just bein unfit and nervous ,my anxiety is a nitemare now I'm aware ov it .I av bin taking energy pills from a gym t5s as I was so tired ,and threw this site iv connected it all to my pernisous aneamea which I never questioned as iv had this since my bowel was removed at the age of 3 . I am going to get my records wen I find out their process. Im sure my tiks mainly jaw area and talking a million miles an hour ,which iv done all my life are damage due to my op . 

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I'm very sorry to hear how much you have suffered, probably unnecessarily. 

Please look up my profile and see my post "My Experiences" for my answers to your questions. 

I hope you can sort everything out and feel better soon. 

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