B12 and alcohol

I was diagnosed about 2 yrs ago with pernicious anaemia, before that I wasn't a massive drinker and it was a social thing, also I couldn't cope with the hangovers of death, and I would be literally dying for days.

Now I know I have some antibody problem in the gut of my stomach and all the belly problems in my younger years have stemmed to this with the possible food poisoning or picking up the issues from work nope it was b12 pernicious anaemia slowly killing me off.

Well now I've been on my injections for the last two years and drinking alcohol is a massive NO NO, it does wipe it out your body and the hard work of getting your levels back up it take's forever as I've just found out on holiday to Poland and taking my injection before hand and now back at stage 1 WHOOPS.

I have taken sublingual b12 tablet which you just pop under your tongue which have helped with energy and brain fog I do recommend also one the next day after drinking to get your body back to some normality.

I spoken to a military doctor who's wife has the same problem and he said it just helps balance which is does and you can not over dose and its water based.

Look into it guys on the old goggle, I researched the hell out of it also aim for the high dose as you do loose some in the process I take it now and again when I need it sublingual b12 5000 its all good. I've completed a half marathon and now the 3 peeks with energy I've never had for a very long time, if your going to have a tipple with this health problem prepare to feel like utter crap for the next few days xx

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  • Thanks for telling us about your experience.

  • Was it worth it?


  • Lol nope

  • How much alcohol are you talking about tammy1759?

    I been having a "thimble" glass of sherry a day for years and don't see any ill affects.

    As the Apostle Paul says "a little wine for thy stomach's sake and thine often infirmities" (1 Timothy 5 v 23)

  • Night out on the town amount, so me about a few glasses of wine, Im not a massive drinker and don't drink every weekend just now and again.

  • Oh so true says she who is sitting here feeling like rubbish after a few drinks last night (unheard of now for me) and a very late night

  • Haha, I just can't do it anymore

  • I'm the same ....2 to 3 drinks leave me feeling as if I've had a massive binge!

    However, if I mostly don't drink I can tolerate a couple of glasses of wine now and again if my stomach feels in good shape (helped by probiotics and ocassional betaine HCL + pepsin) and If like you I take sublingual B12 the day of drinking and the day after.

  • I got very drunk one night, which was not my habit, and that's when the neuropathy really set in. So now I abstain completely.

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