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b12 Symptoms after drinking alcohol


Hi everyone,

I've been doing really well the past few months since I started having injections every 5 weeks. My last injection was 3 weeks ago and I still have good energy levels etc.

I went to a wedding last Friday and had a few drinks for the first time in about a year. I only had 4 or 5 drinks all day and felt absolutely fine.

When I woke on Saturday my left arm was numb and so was my left hand. Initially, I thought it had been the way I was lying but as the day went on I started to lose sensation in my right hand. It's now 6 days later and both hands still feel numb. I have no sensation in my fingers or fingertips, but the feeling has returned to the palms of my hands and my arm.

I don't have any other symptoms at the moment. I'm not going to the GP as I know I won't get anywhere. Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this. I just don't think it can be a coincidence that this has happened within 12 hours of having alcohol. I have had numbness before, but usually when an injection is due and it usually stops within a day or two.

I'm starting to worry now.

Thank you

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You will find that alcohol more or less seems to eat up all the B12 in your body, well that is what it feels like. They do not mix well together, alcohol and B12, that is why people who are alcoholics can end up B12 def.

Anyway there is another post on the same subject here with more info see:


Kind regards,



I certainly find that alcohol can seem to knock out my B12.

I've had alcohol intolerance for many years and no longer drink at all, since the last time I had a tiny amount (half a glass of champagne at a family occasion) next day I could barely function, my balance and coordination were terribly affected, complete brain fog, felt like an enormous hangover. Now realising it could be B12 def.

Yes I unfortunately get a recurrence of neurological symptoms if I drink more than 1-2 glasses of wine. It should go away if you take more B12. Have you tried sublingual methyl cobalamin?

I agree with secondchance try to take a sublingual B12, it will go Way and find a neurologist to follow up on this matter.

Alcohol seems to really effect me too, the day after drinking (even if it isn't a lot) I ache all over and feel really drained. Its usually takes me a good few days to recover.

I also get numbness and feel awful the day after drinking now. The numbness doesn't normally last too long though.

Hi everyone, thank you for all the replies. I had a b12 injection at home last week and felt an improvement in my hands within 2 days. They are still not 100% so I've had another injection this evening. Hopefully, I'll feel the benefit soon. If not, I'll keep injecting every other day until full sensation (hopefully) returns!

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