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Your thoughts on my results please

Your thoughts on my results please

Hi all

Please could u have a look at my blue horizon results and provide your thoughts? I've been over on the thyroid UK Forum and someone there suggested that I post my results here due to my B12 results.

I have been trying to get a trial of thyroxine after 2 early miscarriages and a TSH at 3.40 and tpoab of 339.

GP has refused treatment but a private endocrinologist recommend a trial of thyroxine.

I decided to get a blue horizon test done before I start any treatment. What do you think of my results?


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Your B12 is low - certainly in the range where significant numbers of people will be showing strong clinical signs of deficiency - good to see it labelled as insufficient rather than just showing up as normal range.

Your folate is on the high side. Have you been supplementing at all? If not then this could be an indicator that you have a methylation problem - an inability to convert vitamins - particular folate but also B12 - into the active forms that are used at the cell level. For folate this tends to mean that there are high levels in serum because it isn't being used.

On the other hand it is known that high folate can mask one common symptom of B12 deficiency - macrocytosis.

There are enough problems with the serum B12 test for recommendation to be that it should be treated on basis of symptoms rather than test results (see summary on p2)

Most GPs aren't aware of this though so tend to treat on test results and if something comes back labelled as 'normal' will move on and dismiss it as an issue.

There is a significant overlap between symptoms of B12D and thyroid and the two often go hand in hand.

You can find a checklist of symptoms of B12 deficiency here



Thanks for your help. I'm taking pregnacare conception vitamins which is why I think my foliate is high.


Yes, sounds likely. B12D is also known to affect fertility and foetal growth so would be good to get that sorted out if you are planning a family.

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I agree with gambit, my daughter had 5 miscarriages during 11 years of infertility we realise it was the b12 deficiency


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