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Desperate and can't wait any longer for GP to come on board!

Just an update. I can't wait any longer for GP to get on my side so I'm trying sublingual B12 Boost Spray as recommended and for the Osteoporosis a D3 sublingual spray and sublingual multivitamins. Magnesium spray on lotion. Chewable calcium tablets, the most additive, preservative and sweetener free ones I've been able to find. I struggle with prescription meds which upset my stomach but also my whole body seems to go out of kilter, so usually have to source my own. Will see what happens but will bring the subject up again with GP as I do have neurological symptoms and I can't be the only one struggling at my GPs practice.

I really don't understand their reluctance to even try a theraputic dose with some one like me who has made so many frequent trips to them over the years, had many tests, seen just about every consultant under the sun, MRI scans, x-rays etc etc. They'd give me antidepressants tomorrow if I asked!!!

Will let you know how I go on & hopefully bring you good news.

Still getting to grips with how to post on the site as brain fog rules!!! Hope this is ok.

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just to mention that some people - actually quite a lot of people - find that magnesium gives them diarrhoea so if you start having problems try cutting that out.


Thanks for your reply Gambit62. I'm hoping being transdermal it won't be too much of a problem but I tend to be the other way. I have tried magnesium in other forms including chelated citrate but they all made me nauseus. Fingers crossed.

Wonder if any one else has tried transdermal magnesium?


I use magnesium oil spray and find that as it bypasses the stomach no stomach probs. Also very effective


Hi Sallybones,

HDA Patient care Trust

This UK charity provides free second opinions on diagnosis and treatment.

020 7935 8366

They are quite quick to respond to enquiries. You may need to provide a full medical history.

Online contact form.

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That's really interesting about the HDA Patient Care Trust as I didn't know anything like that existed. I may have one more go at my GP as I have to see her soon about recently diagnosed Osteoporosis. I shall tell her what I am doing with regards to supplements for both conditions. If no positive response then I will call the HDA and see what is involved.

Thank you so much


I gave my GPs a copy of the "BCSH Cobalamin and Folate Guidelines" and a copy of Martyn Hooper's latest book.

"What You Need to Know About Pernicious Anaemia and Vitamin B12 Deficiency"

Are you a member of the PAS (Pernicious Anaemia Society)? They are helpful and sympathetic. lifetime membership costs about £20.


01656 769 717

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Magnesium Glycinate by Kal is great, and does nothing to upset the stomach or give diarrhea. Nor does magnesium oil or epsom salt baths. All of which raise magnesium levels. You're so right about doctors being willing to prescribe dangerous drugs but a vitamin? Pathetic.


Hi. I have been using transdermal magnesium for the past few years and have not had any problems, and a bottle lasts a long time which is a bonus!

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Thank you to all who have replied with really helpfull information. I shall follow my own supplement path for another 2 weeks and report my progress. Dare I say I already feel ever so slightly more alert, awake and able to think a bit clearer. Feel very slightly stronger. I'm cautious but hopeful.


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