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Nasal b12 and creating a nasal 'paste' from tablets

Hi all,

I have tried to find nasal b12 but have had no luck. Where is the best place to purchase it?

I accidentally bought an oral spray thinking it was nasal. Do you think I could just spray this up my nose instead?

Also, I read an article saying nasal is better than sublingual and recommending grinding up a tablet, mixing it with water into a paste and using a cotton bud to place up the nose. Had anyone heard of this or tried it? How do you think it would work? Would you try and put all of the paste up?

Many thanks to you all as always!!

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No. Can't say I have heard of it. I'm wondering how they are going to remove it when it dries and you snort it into your nasal passages.

Sorry. I'm a bit mesmerized by all this. I'm going to step away from the PC for a while...

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Haha, confusing eh Poppet!? :)

Here's the article (at the bottom)

Also, I know you are meant to have an empty stomach with sublingual but do you need it for nasal or injection?


It was written in 2004 - by someone who actually dared put their name to it!

It also says B12 is synthesized in the GI tract - which it is - but too low down to be absorped.

I can't see how an empty stomach would affect the injectable B12 - and I don't know what the nasal spray guidelines are. Sorry.


Why are you meant to have an empty stomach for sublinguals when the whole point of sublinguals is that the B12 is absorbed directly via the mouth without going anywhere near the stomach?


I was curious on that one too but have been prompted to do this from numerous sources. Does anyone know?


I've never seen that recommendation and I've done a fair bit of reading about B12 treatment since diagnosis in 2006.


Shoving paste up your nose with a cotton bud? Injections are so much easier.


Maybe I should just delete this post :s - silly idea :P


I get my nasal sprays from detox people.

Can't get the one I really like - yuliv - at the moment but they do a wide range of nasal drops in different strengths- though the solvent is olive oil (popeye must be really mad about that :)) rather than saline and they seem to do the job.

In fact the methyl that I use tends to disappear quite quickly so I don't end up with a lovely pink handkerchief (washes out so not a problem) when I blow my nose during the day.

Not heard about the making a paste - or if I did then the idea of sticking cotton buds up my nose was something I didn't want to think about and so immediately forgot about it.

Incidentally have mentioned using nasal spray to some friends (one a bio-physicist and the other an opticion) and their immediate response was that it must get into the blood stream quite quickly - so that implies that it is a good root for quick absorption.


Sorry Gambit62, not nit picking but it's sesame oil, just in case someone is allergic to it.

Think that's why people snort cocaine, to get a quick hit.


yeah - oil not ideal but can't get hold of one in saline at the mo.


Perhaps the oil makes it hold better. At least our nasal passages will be nice and smooth and wrinkle free 😉


There is a pharmaceutical B12 product called Nascobal, which I believe comes in two forms, a nasal spray and a nasal gel. I'm not sure if it is licensed for use in the UK, but it may be worth finding out. A few years ago I considered using it; I found it on a well-known US pharmacy website, but even though the exchange rate was much more favourable back then, it was still very expensive. The price has risen even further, at least on the US market. Sorry I don't know much more about it.


ironically the only form of B12 in uk that is subject to restrictions is injectible so shouldn't be any issues. I think I saw something on nascobal but didn't pusue it because it was cyanocobalamin.


There was some one on the old PAS forum using this, she was happy with it:

Some more info on those kind of products:


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