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Blood test results

Hi please could someone take a look at my test results. Am feeling a little confused. I am unmediated and not taking supplements. I also have beta thalassemia minor. Thanks

April 2014

RBC 5.24 (3.3-4.8)

MCV 74fL (80-100)

MCH 24pg (27-32)

Serum TSH 5.7 Miu/l (0.4-5.0)

Free T4 13 PMOL/l (9-19)

Oct 2014

After no treatment

TSH 2.7MIU/L (0.4-5)

Free T4 13 pmol/L


Serum B12 332ng/l (189-883)

Folate 5.0ug/l (4.8-19)

TSH 2.5MIU/L (0.4-5.0)

Free T4 (14PMOL/L (9-19)

RBC 5.25 (3.8-4.8)

MCV 74.1FL (80-100)

MCH 24.8PG (27-32)

LYMPHOCYTE 1.30 (1.5-4.0)

24.6.2015 - no ref ranges

Serum b12 232ng/l

Folate 7.2ug/l

ferritin 26ug/l

iron 20.5 umol/l

rbc 5.28

mch 26.6pg

mcv 74.4fl

January 2016

RBC 5.52 (3.8-4.8)

MCV 70.8 (80-100)

MCH 23.4 (27-32)

sERUM b12 423 ng/l (189-883)

folate 4.8 ug/l (4.8-19.0)

TSH 3 MIU/L (0.4-5.0)

FREE T4 12 pmol (9-19)

I know that my MCV and MCH will be low due to the thalassemia but wondering why it has decreased. Could this be iron def? Any advice on the other results would also be grateful. Thanks

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I am hypo thyroid and endos usually like to keep TSH around 1. Yours are in normal range but if you are having hypo symtoms they might want to increase your dose. Mine is at or below 1.


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