problems tolerating methyl 12


I have tried over and over to take methyl B12 (all different brands) sublingually, but because all of the B12 I have tried ALWAYS have "natural flavoring" in them, which isn't really natural, I get terrible headaches from the dye used. Does anyone here know of a liquid or pill methyl B12 which is pure? I have not found one yet.

I used to give myself shots at home, which I seemed to tolerate, but they are very expensive. Would I be better trying to get the shots once a month from my practitioner's office?



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  • Have you thought of trying the skin patches?

  • Have you looked at this web site?

  • Hi phopmann

    Are you sure it is the flavouring that is giving you the headaches? I have tried methyl B12 in various forms: sublingual tablets, patches and mouth spray and each time I have ended up with a headache. I have less problem with Hydroxo; I am not affected by sublinguals or patches of this type but neither did I find them as effective as injections so am self injecting with hydroxo as necessary - as well as my 6weekly freeby from the nhs!


  • Hi Megan, I'm sorry to hijack the thread, but I posted below and was wondering whether I have a problem with either the additives or the methyl. I might try hydroxo - do you happen to know of any lozenges or sprays? Thanks!

  • Hi Pebble

    I found hydroxo sublingual B12 on Amazon (5000 mcg), and the patches which are also 5000mcg on Ebay (called Dr. Davids.) I don't know of any hydroxo sprays but someone else might know?

    Hope this helps


  • Thanks Megan. I just googled and found them. I shall give it a go!

  • Yuliv do a nasal hydroxo spray - and detox people do some nasal drops ... and detox people can supply both

    Also when I started using methyl I would get headaches - and still do occasionally but it's now very rare.

  • Great, thanks Gambit. I'll look into those. It's just occurred to me that I could test whether it is the lozenges giving me a headache etc by trying one now. I had my jab last week, so I'm feeling well at the moment, so I can eliminate any possible low B12 symptoms from the mix.

  • Same here with difficulty tolerating methyl but I'm ok with hydroxo and cyano.

  • This is an interesting post, Pam. I don't have an answer, but it's something I have been thinking about.

    I seem to get symptomatic about 1.5 months after my injection - headache (that nothing gets rid of), diarrhoea, nausea, stomach acid, tingling. As soon as I feel symptomatic, I start taking methylcobalamin lozenges and a spray sublingually. However I don't really feel better until I get my next injection. I wondered whether I am actually symptomatic or whether I'm having a response to the supplements - or perhaps a bit of both. I have problems with a few additives - aspartame and sodium benzoate - essentially they give me those same symptoms. Although those additives aren't in my B12 supplements, I wonder whether another additive (that is) is making me feel unwell. Although there doesn't seem to be anything in there that isn't in my other vitamins supplements (and I have no problem with them), apart from the flavouring in the Jarrows.

    I think next month I am going to give it a few days before I start to supplement to check whether the symptoms continue.

    I also wondered whether it was the methylcobalamin (as opposed to a different form of B12) that was causing problems. I tried a methylfolate supplement and seemed to get side effects (diarrhoea, nausea etc), which I then googled and discovered were quite common. I don't know enough about the 'methyl' aspect though. If anyone reads this and is knowledgeable, I'd be grateful for advice!

    I'd be interested to hear how you get on with a supplement with no additives, Pam.

  • Hi phopmann,

    Have a look at Garden of Life. Mykind organics. It is a vegan organic B12 Methylcobalamin spray. It states it a Whole Food Vitamin B-12 formula that's

    Certified organic and Non- GMO certified.

    It is full of flowers, stems, leaves, fruits and roots. The raspberry flavor is natural

    and very palatable.

    I think I got it from Amazon.

    Hope this helps


  • softpaws,

    where do you get the B12 skin patches. I live in the U.S.

  • Hi. I get my patches from amazon (uk). Pack says up to 2 a week, but I take 3. Turns out the hydroxo injections do nothing for me so its just as well I've been supplementing. Awaiting order for methyl sublingual tabs as a trial.

  • I got pure methyl B12 in just water to be taken as drops and adeno B12 from (google them). It is relatively cheap and lasts about 3 months even at the high doses I take BUT even without additives or flavourings I can't seem to tolerate the methyl even a few drops give me severe headaches and turn all my snot green (even though I don't take it by nose which you can). i don't know why or if this is common but the adeno has helped my B12 level and symptoms a bit (not all gone as I also have an underactive thyroid which is not being treated properly yet)

  • Methylcobalamin seems to make me susceptible to infections too- skin, sinuses, SIBO, down below, it's pretty distressing. I just take hydroxocobalamin.

  • Metabolics Lab is my favorite. I have used their hydroxocobalamin liquid, which is just hydroxo b12 in water. I tolerate it pretty well. It is easy to measure. They offer methyl preparations too.

    Ordering was easy even though I am in the US. They are in England:)

    Because it is light sensitive I am cautious not to expose it to light when I take it.

    I highly recommend them!

  • Hmmm, that looks like a good site. Their methylCB is 1330 ug/ml which is a good concentration. Combine it with a nasal spray bottle (in brown glass) - - and you have a relatively cheap, long-lasting nasal/sublingual spray.

    I wouldn't worry too much about light sensitivity, as long as it's stored in a brown-glass bottle in a cool dark place. The light degradation is a slow process, so the few minutes the liquid is exposed to the light in a syringe, or similar won't do too much.

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