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Cyanocobalamin for injection - where from?


After reading the FaceBook posting by the PAS about a paper describing a genetic mutation that affects activation of methylcobalamin, but not cyanocobalamin, I decided to try using cyano for my next jab. So I went on to amazon.de and ordered some - only to be told that they could not be delivered to my address!

I checked and found that the hydroxo was still OK, so it's just cyano. I'm guessing that it's because cyano is not licensed for use in the UK.

Anybody know of any reliable source?

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Just been on Amazon de(german Amazon) for you. YOu can get Cynocobalamin there . If you are familiar with Amazon it will be easy for you to access,It is laid out exactly the same as Amazon uk. Searchfor Vitaminn B12 Ampullen. The first oen to come up was 10X1 Lichten Ampullen for 5.97 Euro, You can see CYNOCOBALAMIN printed on the carton. They will send to UK but it costs 14.50 Euro P&P! So you pay £14.90 for 10x1 Ampoules. I found a cheaper one but they won't send to UK. Hope that this helps. Best wishes. Methylcobalamin is not licensed in UK (huge cost involved) but I get it from Arnika apotheke in Munich. They send to UK.


Many thanks. I tried a couple of cyanocobalamin ampullen and neither would ship to the UK. Looks like I should have persisted.

Looks like my next jab may well be cyano instead of hydroxo (assumin it arrives in the next week.


Hi fbirder..few week ago I ordered cyano from amazon.de but entirely by mistake, didnt zoom in on the box, so first thing I knew was when it was delivered to my door, so not sure why your request was blocked. Dont think I'll use it as hydroxo works for me at mo (& if its not broke etc).. Would gladly post to you but dont know how that could work.


Thanks for the offer. I may take you up on it if the cyano that's on its way works better than the hydroxo.

I tried a cyano patch on Wednesday and I must say I'm feeling better than I have for a while. I've also got some sublingual lozenges on the way.


I've been on cyanocobamalin injections non-stop for 43 years prescribed for P.A. by my doctor and administered by the practice nurses every four weeks.


I am surprised. Not by the fact that a doctor hasn't kept up with the latest advances, but that they are willing to pay for cyano (£2.90 per month) rather than hydroxo (69p every 2/3 months).


Hi fbirder,

I was put onto hydroxo when it was introduced (back in the mid 80s?) but had an adverse reaction to it including nausea, headache, dizziness, fever and rash so reverted to the Cytamen.

By that time I'd already been on Cytamen for 15 years, my body was "used to it" and as to the cost, I guess my doc thinks "I'm worth it"



You are Clivealive.

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was it really necessary to post this 127 times, in threads dating back over a year?


Yes - if you are spamming the forum!

I have reported him - but feel free to join in with reports as well. :-)


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