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My first post - B12 results!

So, I've been feeling increasingly rubbish for the last 6-12 months - dizziness, tiredness, panic attacks, burning skin and so on. The whole thing got significantly worse after some minor surgery about 3 months ago (I don't know whether I had nitrous oxide or not).

At first the GP thought it was stress (I am going through a difficult patch to be honest) and possibly silent migraines, in the end I saw a new GP as my regular one was away who did a batch of blood tests to rule out anything physical before 'writing it off' as stress. Turns out I have low Vitamin D (33, should be 50+) and also slightly elevated lymphocytes (only slightly, so he thinks it could be a post viral thing).

I was convinced it was going to be B12 - all the symptoms match! Foolishly (or out of desperation!) I started the sublingual spray a month or so before the blood tests were done. So my B12 levels are, according to my GP, normal - 499 against a range of 191 to 663.

He has agreed to test me again in 6 months if I stop taking the spray, as he agreed it could be the spray elevating levels whilst still not being able to use the B12 properly, so he's obviously open minded about it all which is great.

So my question is...

Could taking the spray (Better You B12 Boost, 1200) have raised my levels that much?

On the one hand I really want to get tested when I'm 'clear' of the supplement, on the other I'm worried about stopping them for 6 months, I might feel even worse :-/

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yes the supplementation could easily have raised your levels. However, if you are right in that you do have B12 def then the symptoms you have will not abate until your levels are kept up at 1000 minimum constantly. Advice on here seems to be that 4 months without supplementation would be about right.

Dont close your mind to other things though because if the gp offers you tests for other things, take them, you never know. Sadly, B12def often goes hand in hand with other problems.


Thanks for replying. I think my best course of action is to keep taking B12 for now along with the mahoosive Vit D supplements the GP has prescribed, then go back for a follow up Vit D and lymphocyte check as suggested by the GP. Assuming the latter two are 'normal' by then, and that I'm feeling OK, I will then stop taking B12 after a bit and see what happens - if I start feeling ill again I will get re-tested for B12 and if that's low then I guess it will point to B12. It could of course be a post viral thing which is what the GP thinks, let's just hope that doesn't turn into something like CFS or something. Still I guess that's better than something more scary :-/


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