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How to mix saline and methylcobalamine safely

I am almost at the point of ordering my own supply of methylcobalamin, needles and saline solution. Could someone please give me, or direct me to, sensible directions on mixing the methyl cob. with the saline. Obviously i dont want to introduce nasties into the mix so i need to know i am doing it safely, or are there instructions (english) on the packets?

Wife and I have spent the day, taking it in turns to read Martyn Hooopers book, PA The Forgotten Disease. Its an absolute mine of information and its as important as any of the best sellers I have littering my bookshelves. Go and buy it yourselves, I got it for only £6.18 plus P and P from good old Amazon, you'll be glad you did.

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You are obviously about to order the dehydrtated Methylcobalamin from Oxford Biosciences,the only way I know to obtain it inthe UK. I have aso done this in the past. Then of course you will need to get saline to reconstitute it. You can only obtain this as far as I know from Bodfeld Apotheke in Germany(10 X 10ml). Use the reference PZN 2737779 to order it . Cost -5.98 Euro plus P&P. You then empty the phial of saline into the little bottle that the Cobalamin comes in .I always wipe down the phials with an alchol swab before use. Then all you need for 1mg of Methylcobalamin is .5 ml.

Another way to obtain Methylcobalamin is to order ready mixed phials from Arnika apotheke in Munich Germany(Arnika sc) You can phone them on 0049 89452468 468 They have English speakers. or you can E-mail them. 10 X 5mg phials cost 39.80 Euros,and 10 X 1mg cost 29.50 Euros Plus P&P.

Hope that this helps.


Thats really helpful, many thanks, I feel much better equipped to do this safely now.


Hi, search Amazon for "water for injection". This is what I have used. You will get instructions with your B12 if it is the one from Oxford Bio.

I also got my 1ml syringes and sharps disposal box from Amazon.

Good luck😀


Yes, we also saw a good supplier in medisave. Thanks for your help


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