How much sterile saline do I add to Methycobalamin powder?


I have ordered some dried Methycobalamin (from Oxford Biosciences) and sterile saline. There is 20mg of Methycobalamin in the bottle. Does anyone else purchase this dried form? and if so how much sterile saline do you add to it? What dosage do you inject?

I have previously used Hydroxycobalamin and cyanocobalamin and I injected 1ml each time.

I would be grateful for any advice on this. Thank you so much :-)


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  • Hi the saline comes in 10ml vials just add one vial to the Methyl powder. I have just received my order and there we 20x10ml in the box, very good service only had to wait 8 days for delivery including the Easter holidays. The enclosed instructions explain what to do.

    It's very easy, good luck


  • Hi Guiden,

    Thank you so much for your response. I was just thinking, if there is 20 mg in the Methocobalamin, should I not put 20 mls of the saline solution, 2 vials, to make 20 ml's ? Then I would have 20 injections of 1ml each?

    Sorry, I am just trying to work it all out.

    Annie xx

  • Hi Annie, you need only put a 10ml vial into the powder, this fills the bottle containing the powder, this way, there is 1mg of methyl cobalamin for every 0.5 ml solution. If you are using an insulin syringe this would be 50units on the syringe giving you 1mg of methyl. If you want 2mgs of methyl you would draw up 100units on an insulin syringe. By using only 0.5 ml solution (1mg methyl) this gives you 20 Injections of 1 ml methyl. These are the instructions sent with the vial so I assumed this powder to be double strength. Injected myself two days ago using this method, the first thing I noticed was that the injection did not sting, totally painless . Hope this helps, it is a bit confusing as most B12 comes in 1mg dose. Please write back if you are unsure. 😃

  • Hi Guiden,

    Thank you so much for your response and help, seems a bit complicated but when I have all the bits I need I will aim to concentrate better. This brain fog is a terrible thing.

    Can I ask you, how are you feeling after taking Methycobalamin?

    Any better? Does it rid you of all your symptoms?


  • Hi Annie, I injected myself on Monday, yesterday I certainly noticed an improvement in my mood, and back pain, My memory seems better too, I'm not sure how long this will last. I also top up with sublingual Methyl this certainly seems to help. 👍

  • Hi Guiden

    I have also bought some dried Methycobalamin (from Oxford Biosciences) which I have had for a while now. I usually self-inject methylcobalamin that come 'ready-mixed' so to speak, however I ordered this in case I 'ran out' of my normal methyl. The problem I am having is trying to source some injectable saline. The only saline I can find is for cleaning eyes/wounds etc which I have read is not appropriate. Can you tell me where you got your saline from please? Sorry to ask but I am going crazy trying to source the stuff.

  • Hi, I asked the same question yesterday and was recommended to buy sterile saline from here

    I bought some yesterday and waiting for it to be delivered. I hope it is ok. Good Luck

  • Thanks Annie,

    I have just ordered it, so like you I will be waiting with anticipation...I am getting it as a back-up really for when my regular supply runs out.

    Thanks again, best wishes.

  • Oooh! interesting, who do you usually buy Methycobalamin from? I could only find that source when I searched.


  • I used to get it from a lovely Doctor called Dr Riar who unfortunately passed away late last year. He gave me a couple of methylcobalamin infusions which were fantastic! Within the hour they made such a BIG difference to my health. That was approx 6-7 years ago and I haven't looked back. However I am now back to square one, looking for another lovely doctor...

    Best wishes

  • I may be able to help you there :-) PM me if interested.

  • Hello, if you go onto the Oxford biosciences site, click on vit b12 , click on resources, scroll down to the bottom of the page to supplies until you see " 10ml sterile saline for injection: NaC1 0,9% miniplasco connect 10x10ml" click on this which will take you to Bodfeld Apothek site which is written in German. When on supplies page click on the English flag top right hand corner this will now translate into English, now scroll down the left hand side of the screen all in green, until you see Injectable solution (saline). Click on it scroll down the page it's the third item down. It's in a white box , if you enlarge it on the screen you can read what it says. Hope I have remembered this in the right sequence. When my saline arrived this week There were 20 x 10ml in the box excellent value. Good luck write back if you are unsure.😀

  • Thanks Guiden, that is excellent. If you have found it easy to order then I will give it a go. I now have a couple of options to obtain saline. Thanks again!

  • You would have 40 injections. This is an ultra concentrated powder. The company tells you to put 10 ml saline for 2ml of B12 per .5ml solution you draw up. If you do 20 ml of saline, it means 1ml of B12 per .5ml solution you draw up.

  • Autoimmuneannie hasn't been active on this forum for two years. So I'ts unlikely she will see this.

  • Hi, Ive just ordered all require bits and bobs. Could someone advise me of how often I inject 1mg. Everyday, once a week? Thank you for any response.

  • It varies from person to person. Some are happy with one every 6 months, others need them once a week, or even more frequently.

    I suggest you keep a journal of your symptoms. See how long you can go without before feeling rough, then have a jab. Repeat for several cycles and you'll soon be able to figure out the required frequency.

    I would also advise my doctor that I was self-injecting.

  • Hi, I know this post is quite old but I wondering if any of you know how long you can keep the vial for once it's been reconstituted with saline? 

    I am a nurse and when we make IV medications up at work the advise is usually that it expires within a few hours....

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