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Is this saline safe to inject?

Hi, I've purchased methylcobalamin from oxfordbiosciences.

I also ordered saline from goldfarma, the saline arrived today and the packaging says 'for flushing only', is this safe to use in an injection? It does state that it is sterile.

BD Posiflush XS 10 ml, 0.9% sodium chloride.

The link to goldpharma doesn't work but this is the same as I have

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I would never inject anything that was not expressly manufactured for the purpose. Of course it might be OK - but all you'd ever really know is either "it was fine last time I used it" or "I'm never going to do that again". You could never be sure.


Hello, I am nervous of offering this information as I am not a doctor.

But, a saline flush ampoule is regularly used for injecting into an iv drip etc to clean by 'flushing through', the thin tubes that go into your veins. So, by the very nature of it, it is a sterile saline that is purposed to just mix in harmlessly with whatever solution is going in via the iv drip- so should be ok to use as you intend?

Good luck whatever you decide



I'm a retired RN and had same thoughts as Sian. Was doing some research and found that as of 11/14/2014 there was a shortage of certain amounts of NaCl (sodium chloride) 0.9% for injection, see:

I wonder if that could possibly account for the flush solution being provided to you?

May I ask what exactly you ordered and expected to receive, and if this is first time you've ordered it? I don't self-administer B12 but thought NaCl came along with the hydroxy- or cyano- colbalamin. Just to confirm, you're referring to intramuscular or subcutaneous route, correct?

I think it is ok but would contact the supplier to ask why this was received and confirm okay to use. In my opinion if they provided anything different from what you ordered it should have come with clear explanation of why.




Yes, It is what I ordered but the website did not say that it was for flushing or injecting, I didn't know that there was different types of saline, apart from medical and the type used for eyes (I would never inject that).

I've looked into it and believe it's safe as it is sterile and there is not anything else in it that could curse harm, just 0.9% sodium chloride.

The B12 I've ordered is methylcobalamin in powder form that has to be mixed with saline (I think It's like this to avoid legal issues of selling injectable methylcobalamin in the UK)

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I'd ask oxfordbiosciences, they are sure to know.


I'll do that, but I don't know if they will advise me as the saline wasn't purchased from them.


They do not provide saline they seem to recommend:

10 mL sterile saline for injection: NaCl 0,9% Miniplasco connect 10X10 ml

Contact Us

Oxford Biosciences Ltd.

Stonor House

Lower Road



OX39 4DU


tel: +44 1844 238827

fax: +44 1844 238817


yes, but if you follow the like to the one they recommend, it is 'not found or no longer exists'.


Yes I saw that too, but at least they can advise you on what you have bought, if its safe to use.


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