ADVICE NOTE: Normal Saline 0.9% for Injection

Hi All. I've recently noted that there have been posts advising a source for injectable saline and thought it would be useful to clarify what is safe for injection purposes and what is not.

Sterile Plastic Saline Pods: The normal saline in plastic pods is described as sterile. However, it is subject to different, less stringent filtering processes than the normal saline sold in ampoules. It is not suitable for injection purposes. The boxes usually carry a warning note stating that it is not suitable for injection (this might be missed when the instructions are in a foreign language). Is it safe to inject - The manufacturers say not. Would I inject it: No.

Normal Saline 0.9% in glass ampoules: This is filtered via more rigorous processes, is of higher quality, and is specifically manufactured for and marked as being for injection purposes (look for INJEKTION if purchasing from a German site). So most definately safe to inject.

Here's a link where you can buy injectable quality normal saline (the link is to 10 X 10ml ampoules but the same site also sells 2ml ampoules):

Hope this helps 👍

EDIT AND UPDATE TO ORIGINAL POST: injectable quality normal saline 0.9% may be on sale on some European websites but care has to be taken to distinguish between the sterile saline in pods (i.e. for eyewash etc) and what might be injectable quality normal saline. Always check the product box and/ or instructions before use for injection...if it says 'for injection' then it should be okay to use. If not, then who knows. (Take care about simply relying on product descriptions on websites - these are not always accurate).

Injectable quality normal saline 0.9% in plastic pods (or glass ampoules) is never sold in the UK or on UK websites like Amazon. It is not licenced for sale in the UK (even though it may be used in medical establishments).

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  • Thanks Foggyme . Your link goes straight to the 10 x10 option . Bottom left shows the same carton for10x2ml ampoules. Excellent . Yes I would only want to use a proper ampoule for injection purposes .

  • 👍👍

  • Thanks, that's very useful to know if I ever buy the powdered methyl.

  • Hi,

    Forgive my ignorance but what is the difference between a saline pod and a saline ampoule besides the ampoule having higher quality saline.

    Do ampoules have a top you have to snap off?

  • Hi're right to ask...I'll go back and add to post for clarity. So thank you for that.

    The pods are made of plastic (which snap off at the top) and the ampoules are made of glass. And yes, the glass ampoules have to be snapped off at the top (in the same way as the glass ampoules of injectable B12) 😀


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