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How much should I exercise

I have very weak legs and hardly any reflexes in my knees so lifting my feet is a real struggle. I am trying to build up my knees but it's such a struggle as I feel so weak too but if I don't use them I'll lose them and obv don't want this to happen. I'm walking with a stick and wobbling but for exercise im lifting a bag with my feet and also hold on to the side and swing my legs. Do you think this is too much or should I do more? Many thanks

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Have you thought of swimming? As long as you can float there's no problem with your legs having to bear your weight once you're in the pool. And you don't have to worry about not being Michael Phelps. Our pool has lanes marked out for different abilities.

My balance problems me and I can't do much beyond a steady walk. But in the pool I can exercise until I'm out of breath, rest for a few minutes then start again.


Hydrotherapy pool perhaps?


Got my induction on Thursday and then start water Pilates - shud be fun!!


Pilates and yoga are good for balance


Did think about hydrotherapy myself. I swim like a brick though.


Don't think you need to swim as it's not deep. It's great for your legs and muscles etc - something I'm in desperate need of!! Water Pilates etc should be good

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yes, it isn't about swimming it is about having most of your weight actually supported by the water so you can focus on exercising rather than also having to worry about weight.

pretty sure that nobody would mind if you used waterwings to increase boyancy.


Will bear it in mind.


You want gentle range of motion exercise with very little weight until the nerves that are stimulating the muscle are repaired. Then you can work on building up strength of the muscle.

For me the getting started is the painful part but once I get going the pain goes away. If I pace myself and exercise different muscle groups I can last quite a while before I get tired.

I like fbirder's suggestion of swimming. I would suggest Water aerobics rather than lane swimming at first to get everything working.


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