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Hello Everyone,

I have bought some Methycobalamin powder from Oxford Biosciences today.

Where do people get their Sterile Saline from? I know there is a link on the Oxford Biosciences website for a German pharmacy that sells it but I couldn't make head nor tail of it because it's in German.

God, this is so frustrating, why does it have to be this difficult? All I want is to feel well so I can work and get on with my life. It shouldn't be this hard.

Where are the unbiased B12 experts in the world where we can go to for advice?

I noticed in other posts that some people are using saline eye wash from Amazon. Is this really ok to use for injecting into the body? I don't want to put anything in my body that shouldn't be there.

Please help if you can, feeling desperate today, just want to feel well and stay well.


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  • I think saline for eye wash usually says that it's not suitable for injection.

    Did you check that there wasn't a language option on the site

    Hope someone else comes along who can help you out with a suitable site for injectible saline that isn't in German

  • Thanks Gambit62

  • Search Amazon for "water for injection".

  • Thank you, why didn't I think of that, blaming the brain fog :-)

  • Annie, try this link.

    In the details, it states: "No antimicrobial agent or other substance has been added." The preservatives that are sometimes added to B12 injection solutions can cause problems for some people, but this looks to be just sterile saline at the concentration used in injections.

    I get other medical supplies from Medisave; they're very reliable.

  • This is great thank you, thank you for all your help yesterday Hillwoman with your responses.

  • You're welcome. I hope you start to feel better soon. :)

  • This is brilliant, thank you so much engels.

  • On the Oxford Biosciences site, it tells you to get your saline from Bofeld Apotheke in Germany. The reference no. that you need to order is PZN 2737779 It costs about £3.25 for 10 x 10 ml. All the very best!

  • Is the eyewash saline solution from Medisave ok to inject? I brought some and then noticed it said not suitable for injections which gave me pause... It is the same ph as injectable saline .09% and it says its sterile so I can't see the problem. I think it would at least be suitable for nasal spray but would be useful for mixing with powders also. Has anybody tried it? Thank you.

  • I've used saline eyewash from Boots in conjunction with the Oxford Biosciences B12 for the last 12 months and inject subcutaneously without any problems at all. I did originally order from Germany as advised on the Oxoford Bio website but ended up ordering 6 x 1 ltr saline bags used for IV drips :(

  • I am about to buy some b12 from Oxford Biosciences. How do I mix everything up and how much should I take? Do I just use normal diabetic type needles?

  • Injectable saline is filtered differently to eyewash and is a higher quality, according to a doc I know.

    Just managed to order injectable saline from Bodfeld Apotheke, with the use of Google translate wasn't too hard. Go to Injektionslösungen,Infusionslösungen and product called Aqua ad injectabilia, got 10 x 10ml for about 5 euros plus tax and postage.

  • using Chrome browser will autumatically translate sites x

  • Hi Annie, i just found your post when searching about methylcobalamin, how did you get on? What do you mix the powder and water in? Do you mix each individual dose? How do you measure the powder? Thanks xx

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