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I see most people here use Goldpharma to buy their hydroxocobalamin b12. I ordered the 10x1ml vials because of all the good recommendations from people one guy stated that the delivery was fast within 5-7 working days.

It has now been 9 working days and as its a Friday I will be having to wait until next week, to me this is unacceptable delivery time specially considering its coming from a European Country.

I would just like to ask others on what their delivery time with Goldpharma was so I can get a little information on the situation, I feel as if I should get in contact with them but not sure if they would speak English...

If this is going to be a repeat thing I might have to look else where for my injections.

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I've never waited more than 5 working days. Have you had an email to say that your order has been shipped? If not, get in touch with them to find out what is happening. If your order has been shipped then it will be somewhere in the postal service which is beyond Goldpharma's control.


It said in my email it has been shipped on the day of my order which seems a bit fishy. Its odd you've never waited longer than 5 days, as you can imagine I'm getting a bit impatient also wondering if this is going to be a recurring theme.

They gave me a tracking number but no information on how to track it?:S


I also would not blame them straight away, UK post can be terrible (sorry guys) my Mum can post the same card to my 2 daughters (different addresses) and us, it will arrive at one daughter, then us and other daughter can wait 2 weeks, although it is our address. All was posted in an other UK country at the same time and place, stamped the same date, but things get lost here it seems. Has happened several times now.


I am quite annoyed seeing as this is my first time with Goldpharma but maybe you are right I've had problems with UK delivery before.


My first order did not arrive so after about 14 working days (almost three weeks) I emailed them. They were really helpful, spoke English and sent another consignment straight away which arrived within about 5 days. I had no problem with my second order. I don't know what the initial delay was but I'm happy with the service I had once I had flagged up the problem. They say to allow 10 working days so any time after that email them.

Hope that helps



I will wait until Tuesday and then email them after that, good to know they speak English thanks Megan :)


I wouldn't worry too much, it is definitely a mail issue. Mine was posted on Monday the 16th ( I ordered it on the Sunday) and did not arrive until Wed 25th.

It may even arrive today fingers x....


I have received my orders within five days every time so this doesnt sound typical of them, but I can understand your frustration wanting to get going with the injections - i too have very bad experience of UK postal service, it is unreliable and inconsistent and yes, two things posted on the same day at the same post box can arrive days apart in the same county even!


Delivery time for me has varied - from about 3 to something like 5 or 6 days. (Not B12.)

One package did not arrive. They responded very quickly and sent a replacement within hours - by a faster carrier. Although it would obviously have been better had the delivery not gone wrong, their handling was excellent.

My last order had an item coming from Greece - which arrived very quickly. Had been prepared for a slower delivery!


Mine only took 6 days! Definitely enquire about your order status


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