Buy Extra Injections, It Is Great To Be Back In Control!

After 3 years of suffering for 4 weeks before my B12 was "due" I finally gave up begging my Dr to give it early and purchased 10 phials of B12 from Goldpharma for £16. I am now supplementing my official treatment and feel like me all of the time instead of living a half life. I would urge all PA sufferers to do the same. Even though it should be prescribed more frequently, life is too short to suffer because of a principle.

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  • Yep I did the same (2006) and never looked back, totally agree re: "it should be prescribed more frequently, life is too short to suffer because of a principle." I think the suffering is not a principle but possibly money as its more expensive to treat more often, and one can not only prescribe more B12 ampoules for those that do want to self inject, and not let those that dare not inject have more frequent B12 jabs via surgery.

  • The cost to the NHS for an ampoule of Hydroxocobalamin is miniscule. 50 pence, I reckon. Then 2 minutes of the nurses'time. When one reckons this cost against the cost of "Big Pharmas' drugs, and the cost of the recently advised stomach band operations for obese people, it is laughable. I cannot imagine what the NHS is thinking. It is a HUGE MYSTERY .Or does anyone out there have an answer? Would love to hear an explanation.

  • Our family has been battling to get B12 injections for my sister for some time. A doctor friend told me that her own surgery would not give injections, because it is not safe, they feared overdosing and being sued ! They, apparently, cannot run their surgeries without the income from the more expensive drugs. This is the same battle that people with thyroid disease are up against....the root cause is not acknowledged and they are denied adequate thyroid medication and instead prescribed tablets for hypertension, high cholesterol, etc.

    My sister's doctor, after much persuasion, has just consented to trial three injections of 1 mg per week for two weeks, After that, I don't know, but we have already noticed a marked improvement. Communication from the surgery has been poor, in spite of my sister asking them to refer everything to the family as she is unable to take anything in or remember it.

    There is no comparison with the small cost of the injections and the health and social consequences of not giving it....

    I have just joined this site and finding the information and advice invaluable.

  • Hi Polaris,

    Welcome here! As you say the cost of treatment with B12 injections is negligible compared to the cost of the health and social consequences of not giving it....

    Hope your sister improves more and more and gets the right treatment she needs,

    Kind regards,


  • totally agree

  • I have seen a cost calculation once, it was £15,- for the nurse to inject B12, and that was some years ago. Yes this gastric band, then these poor people can end up on B12 replacement (and other vit replacement) because of dumping syndrome, those extra costs do not seem to have been taken into account it seems to me.

  • Hi gizzmo,

    You must have read my mind. I am in the same position as you were and am now considering going the self injecting route but don't know a great deal about it and want to be able to do it safely! i.e., buy the right thing and then not cause myself an injury. Was it just called B12 or was it methycobalumin or the hydroxy type? And what is the dosage in the vials?

    Many thanks


  • Hi, this is the link to the ones i ordered. I have used one and it worked as its supposed to with no ill effects. This is the site recommended by The Pernicious Anemia Society. Amazon sell syringes and needles (you need the green needles) I am lucky as my mum is a community nurse so she did injection for me, but the above society or youtube shows you how to do injections. Hope this helps you. If link doesn't work ask again and I will try a different way. Good luck x

  • Are you in the UK? If so, I am curious to know why you appear to have purchased cyanocobalamin from Goldpharma instead of the hydroxocobalamin which is the form of B12 normally used.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your comments on self-treating. It's nearly 5 years now since I gave up trying to get ignorant doctors to agree to more frequent injections and started buying hydroxo from Goldpharma instead.

  • Hi. The injections my GP gives me are cyanocobalamin. I am not sure of the difference?

  • Have a look at this post, it explains a little of what different B12 preparations there are etc

    Oeps, edited to add the link, I'm obviously tired, Marre.

  • Hydroxo is the standard treatment in the UK so your doctor is not following the BNF guidelines which specifically state hydroxo should be prescribed. You should ask your doctor why. It is generally accepted that cyano injections need to be given much more frequently than hydroxo injections in the ratio of about 3 to 1 e.g. monthly instead of every 3 months. If your doctor has only been giving you a cyano injection every 3 months then you should register a complaint with the practice.

  • Absolutely right. The BNF states:

    The BP directs that when "vitamin" "B""12" injection is prescribed or demanded hydroxocobalamin injection shall be dispensed or supplied

    (Registration is probably required to view that link.)

    Note the word shall - a very powerful statement. I suspect that if a doctor had been giving you cyanocobalamin then both he and any pharmacist dispensing it could be breaking the rules. The BNF is quoting the British Pharmacopoeia which is the absolute top dog as far as I am aware.


  • I will inform my surgery of this, because they must be treating others wrongly as well. I was totally exhausted 5-6 weeks after my injection and this may explain why.

  • Thankyou. I didn't know that. Maybe that is why I felt so bad quite soon after my injection? Next time I will order the hydroxo!

  • HI Gizzmo,

    Thank you so much. I will look into it and try the link etc..,


  • HI Gizzmo,

    First hurdle is the registration page... do you know what the legal position is in the UK for bringing vitb12 in? I have to tick the correct box....


  • For many medicines, there is no problem importing for personal use - even if they are prescription-only in the UK. Exceptions are controlled drugs. Or ordering large amounts.

    If you get the physical prescription you can send that to Goldpharma (only a scan may be needed, not the paper) if ordering anything for which they require a prescription or medical assessment.


  • Hi Rod,

    Thank you very much, you have put my mind somewhat at rest. I note that Goldpharma don't ship controlled drugs so that was a relief too. Don't want a hoohaa at Customs.. :) It is only for me and only a very small amount.


  • Hi Gizzmo,

    I have figured it out. Thank you for all your help.


  • Glad you have done it. I am sure you will feel much better when you start using them :)

  • Thank you very much and I have just had some great news, my surgery have rung me to offer me more frequent VitB12 injections........thank you ye gods and little fishes!

  • Some more links and info in this topic that may be of use, see:


  • Thank you Marre.

    You would do well to become a consultant on all this, your knowledge and experience is much appreciated.


  • Hi Treacletart,

    So glad to read your good news, more frequent B12 jabs, brilliant!!

    Thank you for your very kind post, but no thanks to consultancy work! This will do fine for me, and I've only learnt over time what I know, and that I do not know enough, plus there is just still so much unknown about B12 def.

    Kind regards,


  • Link not found??

  • Things have changed again at PAS old forum it seems , here is the new link:


  • There are indeed some great, reputable options for people looking to purchase Vitamin B12 independently. One very solid resource that's been around awhile now is vitaminb12direct which offers overseas generics. Hope that this is helpful to all concerned.

  • Are the phials just one dose each? How much does the syringes cost please?

  • Most phials are one dose and syringes etc one can get here see:

  • Hi Gizzmo,

    What syringes do you use, what dose do you take and are there any youtube videos to show hoe to prepare and inject this please?

  • Some more info in this topic:

  • I'm finding paying Golpharma difficult , do I have to transfer €100 to their bank account before I can order any b12. I read somewhere that I can pay with PayPal but not sure how to - HELP!!!

  • About to do the same myself, there is such a choice from Goldpharma could you let me know the make you have purchased.

    Many thanks.


  • Just made the decision to buy hydroxo today. Ampoules ordered. Just need to order syringe etc now. I can't wait to get my life back and as you say gizzmo1971 - be back in control. My surgery have been a nightmare since I was diagnosed almost 5 years ago. Why have I waited so long!

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