b12d.org/ light of hope?

Has anyone tried this website for ordering methyl b12 injections? .. it has recently came to my attention by a user who left a comment saying that they supply methyl vial bottles of b12 if you *donate* to their organization although I'm not really sure if I were to donate it would be guaranteed that they would send me this product.

I normally buy from goldpharma but recently I've been fed up with the ampules and scared off using them due to potential shards of glass while opening the ampule and not using a filtering needle, so if they do provide this is bottle form I would be so grateful to someone who has purchased from this site and has some knowledge of the organization e.g how to purchase/size of the bottle e.g 10ml/how much you need to donate.

Ps This is just a side note but I see a lot of awareness being thrown around about people with pernicious anemia and needing to *buy* their injections over the counter but there doesn't seem to be any response from the government or the medical field in the UK, this really disheartens me as I know it does every single person with pernicious anemia on this website, has there been any positive news recently to show that there is a shimmer of hope int he near/distant future?

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  • Hi, the web site is the brain child of Dr Chandy. I saw him speak recently and they are really short of money. I think they give the B12 injections for free to people who cannot pay. They may not be able to keep going much longer! They have helped so many people. You can go to the site b12D.org and donate, it's worth it to read all the information on there. Search Dr Chandy on You Tube, he's amazing, very dedicated!

  • I too saw Dr Chandy speak recently - an amazing man. He has helped me more than anyone else over the last year or so. He is so knowledgeable and caring. It makes me sad to know that his charity, b12d.org, is in danger of folding due to financial struggles. His knowledge and experience is unique and it would be of great detriment to all us current sufferers and future ones too. We should try to spread the word that the charity is in desperate need of donations so that it is able to continue to do its great work and to help so many of us who are unable to get the help and advice elsewhere that is so desperately needed.

  • Yes you get a 30ml bottle so no shards to contend with not that I've ever had that problem so far. It costs £25 a bottle for them to send you so donate if you can.

    Simply email your blood results and history of your problems and they will advise Hun x

  • Wow this sounds amazing, how come more people aren't getting on board with this? .. I would be able to inject 30 times with that dose!.

    I emailed them yesterday and they have replied but the instructions are a little unclear on how to proceed to get the 30ml vial .. If I donate will I get the b12? .. sorry I know I keep repeating myself just a little bit confused, can you help me through the process on how you get the vial?

  • The donation is a donation - so you don't have to make a payment but it causes financial problems if you can afford but don't donate. If you can afford a littel more then that would be to the good as it enables them to subsidise those who genuinely cannot pay ... and I'm sure there are postage costs that may not be reflected in the £25.

    I haven't used them so can't comment on any other parts of the process.

    most forms of B12 aren't expensive at all - and the cost you are seeing is about typical ie less than £1 per treatment.

  • Hello,

    Just email back, I'm assuming you have been talking to Hugo? Let them know you want a bottle and that you are going to donate if you can.

    The normal,bottle is £25 that includes postage etc

    They also do a higher dose bottle which would last longer which is £30 plus etc. so that should give you a could idea.

    As the other person said its if you can and every little extra helps them 😁

  • Ps. There's are thousands of peeps already being helped by Dr Chandy and his charity. On a Facebook page I'm on loads of people get from him x

  • Yes I am currently in contact with Hugo, so I pay them £25 and receive the b12 shortly in the mail etc? .. this is great news :)

  • Yep that's it, you will have it by end of week if you do now 👍😁

  • Hi Krealan, I've been away from the HU forums for a few days, so I've only just seen your post. I think I'm the person whose previous post you refer to. I'd just like to reiterate there is nothing iffy about B12d. It is a registered charity which is absolutely above board, but it is struggling financially. It can supply methyl to people who cannot otherwise afford to buy it. Many people who are able to cover the full cost source their methyl from B12d and send the charity a donation to meet their expenses.

    Btw, the cost of the higher strength is more like £65 for a 30ml bottle of 5000mcg per 1 ml methyl. This is the one I get. It is preservative free and excellent quality.

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