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Possible PA in pregnancy

Hi, I'm new here. I saw my doc today who thinks vit b12 deficiency a possible cause for my severe fatigue. She's sent me for follow up blood test to check vit b12, folate & ferritin levels amongst others. Having read up on the symptoms PA seems to fit and my dad had b12 deficiency so might be that it runs in our family too. Its all new to me and just trying to inform myself, doc mentioned about injections if blood results show deficiency but wasn't sure if ok in pregnancy, wondered if any of you know? I've also been reading about sublingual supplements and have ordered some of the jarrow brand ones which had good reviews on amazon, anyone had any experience of these? I'm 7 months pregnant and v desperate to feel better so any advice gratefully received!

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Also gp mentioned about possible link to gluten intolerance, if anyone has experienced this too or has any info about the link with b12 deficiency I'd be v interested


Hi Mrs T,

Welcome here! I sure hope you will get treatment soon if you are even slightly B12 def, as your baby needs it as much as you do, and no; no harm in pregnancy, far more harm if not enough B12!

But there is a discrepancy in serum B12 testing in pregnancy see:

Holotranscobalamin remains unchanged during pregnancy. Longitudinal changes of cobalamins and their binding proteins during pregancy and postpartum

AL Morkbak, AM Hvas, N Milma, E Nexo

Haematologica 2007; 92: 1711-1712

This study shows that while Total B12 levels drop during normal pregnancy, the Active-B12 level remains unchanged. The authors conclude that Active-B12 but not Total B12 can be used to monitor B12 status during pregnancy.

It basically means it would be better if you could have the active B12 (Holotranscobalamin) test done, than testing serum B12. But that is ideally, any testing is better than none.

You will find a lot of information on the old PAS forum re PA and pregnancy, see:


There is a strong link with anything that causes malabsorption and PA/ lack of B12 in the body, including a link to gluten intolerance and PA.

Lots to read about PA and celiac in this topic on old PAS forum, see:


Well I have given you more than enough to read, sure hope you will get results soon and the right treatment so you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Best not start terribly tired before the baby is borne!

Kind regards,



Thanks Marre! that's really helpful thanks :)


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