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Does anyone know anywhere in the UK you can go privately to get Methylcobalamin B-12?

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I get there 1 B12 shot every 3 months but they are completely useless. GP's do nothing and have absolutely no clue what they are talking about so I am pretty much at the point of giving up with them it's like trying to get blood from a stone....

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Hi Laura,.

You can get injectable methylcobalamin from here:

You will need to learn how to self inject or get some one who knows to do it for you.

The methylcobalamin needs to be mixed with saline solution which you can get from the links in here:

Information about other B12 products and needles etc can be found here:

If you want a GP to infuse methylcobalamin and teach you how to inject Subcutain then you have to contact PAS for details of contact etc.

I hope this helps,

KInd regards,


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Hi Marre,

Thank you for your very helpful reply this helps a lot! :)


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Glad it is what you needed! Marre.

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Hi Marre I was reading this (as I also need B12 but dr won't prescribe) are there any instructions for mixing saline and b12?

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You would be safer buying Hydroxocobalamin from Germany.

Why would you want to mix saline with methylcobalamin? I hope you aren't thinking of making your own injections... because the oral forms of B12 would not be sterile and you could become very ill. Take the advice offered below about obtaining injectables.

Yes. Go to and contact via email that you want them to send 30ml Methylcobalamin vial. You don't need to mix with saline with this one and it's preservative free. It's donation base so if you give your address they will send you one. It's up to you to donate.

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How long would a 30 ml vial last?

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