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Does anyone know of an unflavoured brand of methylcobalamin?

I am B12 deficient with a very high serum folate level. My GP didn't recognise the significance of this but I went into lockdown on my computer to find out why. When I learned about the mthfr mutation I realised why - I am awaiting the results of the test but know for certain I have some kind of polymorphism with my methylation system as do many members of my family. Anyway, my question is - does anyone know of an oral methylcobalamin that is not flavoured? I am sensitive to salicylates and the ensuing neck, facial and jaw pain after taking them is almost unbearable. I have tried several brands and they all affect me the same way.

I'm in a catch twenty two situation here and would really appreciate advice!

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Perhaps the methylcobalamin sprays are devoid of this problem?


Thank you responding to my question. I have tried this and sadly it had the same effect :(


Can you tolerate the hydroxocobalamin injections - if you can get them?

You might get help from the pernicious anaemia society, a helpline is available, I feel that you cannot be the only person with this problem so I hope you can be helped there.

If you can tolerate the injectable form the PAS has lots of information on self-injecting, plus an informative leaflet on self-injecting.

Can you tell me what is the connection between salicylates and the flavouring?

Does the flavouring come from salicylate derivatives? I'd like to know what to look for in the ingredients lists, please, as going on the hunt too.


I've looked at the additives in the injections and they scare me. Thank you for answering my question - it is very much appreciated! :)


This one specifically says no salicylates but "natural strawberry flavour" is in it.

Apologies if I have misunderstood your needs, is the important thing to avoid both flavourings and salicylates?


I've looked at this but it has 'natural strawberry flavour' which is a salicylate. Unfortunately companies seem to think that as long as aspirin isn't in the product then it's ok when it isn't! I have to avoid all natural and artificial flavourings incuding msg which is a killer. I think more people have this mthfr mutation than is realised. I also have hypothyroidism as well as multiple drug allergies - strongly associated with it as are many other conditions. Now that I am aware I wonder how many of us on ThyroidUK (yes, I'm on that too) also aren't getiing better because of this - just a thought.

Google Dr Ben Lynch


Thank you for answering my question.

Unfortunately ,strawberries are very high in salicylates - as are most berries. The natural flavouring will be derived from them. Such a conundrum! I am hoping that when my methylation pathway/cycle is corrected my sensitivities will disappear - that would be wonderful!

Problem is I need methylcobalamin to initiate that along with Lmethylfolate - the active form of folic acid. I cannot metabolise folic acid into this so that's why I need it. The nutrients are interdependent in the methylation cycle. To be honest, my head is in a whirl but I have learned so much. Thanks again! :)


Saw this one on yourhealthbasket:

Any good?


Thank you for this - I googled the ingredients and it contains potassium sorbate. I have found some high strength patches on on Amazon and have emailed the company to ask for ingredients.


Im sorry but your cat looks frightening in that pic. I have a phobia of cats and that pic is terrifying :( Just thought you need to be made aware of people with cat phobia


Eureka! I've found one on ebay! They are available on other UK sites also.

It is NATURAL FACTORSVITAMIN B12 5000 mcg x 60 CHEWABLE TABLETS - METHYLCOBALAMIN - sorry for capitals - just copied and pasted as am so exhausted.

Thank you to everyone who replied to my question. :)


For anyone who is interested, I have found a company producing supplements with no artificial additives. They are called 'Pure Encapsulations' and they are based in the US or Canada. I obtained some of their methylcobalamin from Amazon UK but it was the last one the distributor had in stock. You can read all about them online and just type their name into and all their other products will appear. Now, I really am off to bed! :)


this company i have used via dr mouton who i saw for my crap aeful health in 2011, i ordered them thru him but does anyone know how to obtain them without a doctor, as i cant afford to see him anymore. thnaks. i hope you get well with your b12 prob, what about dr mercolas b12 spray?


I am going to ask a doctor friend to register with them to obtain mine (will have to educate her first though!) if I can't buy any more methocobalamin from Amazon uk. They do have some other supplements there. Alternatively you could email the company and explain your situation - as long as you gave your private dr's details they may allow you to buy them.

You could see a private GP to see if he/she will do the same as a one off. Gp's need to be made aware that not everyone can tolerate the **** they put in supps here!

I'll update you if I get anywhere.

Here's to our future health!

Barbaraj :)

PS: I used Energy Boost B12 and had a terrible reaction so assume Dr Mercola's will be flavoured with concentrated fruit essences which I can't tolerate but thanks for suggestion.


ok thanks, sorry abut dr mercolas, hopes that would be ok. xxx


I wonder why you need some ' physician type license number' to open an account on their website?


I don't know but some of their products can be bought on Amazon UK.


Hi Barbara,

I'm not sure it is of any use to you but just for others also it is possible to have high serum folate from small bowel bacterial overgrowth.

" Elevation of serum folate is suggestive of small bowel bacterial overgrowth. Indeed, bacterial folate can be absorbed into the circulation. "


Kind regards,



Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I've been digging around online and saw something about this but not in relation to raised folate. I'll look at the site you posted tomorrow as am off to bed now. Thanks again! Barbaraj :)


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