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Symptons of B12 Deficiency: Can anyone tell me the symtons of B12 Deficiency? I am having injections *B12) every 3 MONTHS...after a few day


I start to feel very tired, low in energy, mood swings and shaky... I do suffer with low iron, ferritin and folate acid, and, have underactive thyroid problems. The 'instrinsic factor' (apparently) has proven positive.

. I am in the mist of trying to tell my GP that I need these injections every wk....however, the symtons I have name can certainly be misinterpreted for other illnesses.....Although I know that I will feel better from wkly injections..

I am not earining much therefore, it will be expensive to purchase this..


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There's a symptom list here:

It's difficult to get the balance right when you have other things going on. Are you taking folate and iron? Are you on the right dose of thyroid meds? Have you had vit D tested?

It's good that you're getting 3 weekly injections, so maybe your doc will be open to increasing them to weekly?

There is some quite good information in this article from the Dutch equivalent of the PAS, about the safety of B12 in high doses. Maybe a good one to copy to your doctor:

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Thanks Hampster - have sent the link to a friend who I know is concerned because I'm taking really high levels of B12 - have been without the nasal spray for a couple of days as I have a stinking cold (is this my immune system starting to kick back in after a few years - don't really remember streaming like this for a number of years so actually enjoying it in a strange way). Still have much more energy than I did last week though.


I made a mistake re: It is one injection every 3 MONTHS! Sorry!

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Ah yes, the usual paltry allowance. If you have neuro symptoms then the BNF does allow for alternate day injections, that's probably the best way of appealing to your GP. Also a copy of the Scottish petition. Are you on the Facebook group? There's a files section with lots of good info to print and send to your GP. Also you really need to get folate and iron up if they are low. Here is the link:

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