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How can I get out of the vicious circle of medication that is making my B12 deficiency worse

I was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer caused by the helicobacter pylori infection in 2009 and, after the infection cleared, was prescribed a proton pump inhibitor which I have been taking ever since with increased dosage. In June 2010 I had a heart attack and in September 2010 was diagnosed with B12 deficiency. I have 3 monthly injections which are generally effective until the last couple of weeks. However, I still have awful gastritis - gnawing pain in my stomach and a hard, bloated abdomen. I used to think this was a symptom of B12 deficiency, but have now read that it is more likely to be a cause. Also that PPIs are a contributory factor, but if I try to wean myself off them my stomach symptoms get worse, especially as I am taking aspirin for my heart. All these symptoms/diseases/drugs seem to be connected and I feel that I am in a cycle that is spinning out of control. Anyone else got experience of anything like this?

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Are you a member of the PAS? Have a read of AndreaM's story, she was on PPI's for a long time:


There is also lots of reference elsewhere on the forum about H-Pylori, PPI's etc. Just type them in the search box.

If you are a member you can post your own story, and I'm sure you'll get lots of advice over there. The 2 things that come to my mind are 1) you could have LOW stomach acid rather than high and 2) have you considered Coeliac disease?

Are you under the care of a gastro? Sounds to me like you really need to know what's going on in there.



Hi Hampster

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have been a PAS member for some time so I shall have a look in there. I agree about the low stomach acid. I had a negative coeliac test when I was diagnosed with B12 deficiency. I have been to GP and have an ultrasound scan booked. Have also had another h pylori test. She says I can have a gastroscopy if scan is clear and symptoms persist. I have had 3 in the past and hate them. Makes me gag just thinking about it! Somehow I shall have to bite the bullet.


I really think you should post your story over there if you haven't already done so? I tested negative for Coeliac as well but decided to go gluten free anyway. I definitely feel better. Really couldn't be bothered to push for more testing when I'd just been through the battle to get my B12 def recognised!


Have you tried asking for more frequent injections? If not have you considered B12 patches in between?


Hi Airk

I have just got some sublingual B12 tablets to see me on between injections. Hope this will help.



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