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Serum Ferritin levels....Low again

Hi I everyone....blood test back.....the Serum Ferritin was originally 7, had Iron Infusion( second one)......waited a month for another blood test, and it went up to 67(still too low, but better).......another Blood test last Results today, shows it's dropped back Down to 20 ! Doc wants to talk to me via phone......what is going on? So confused.....I'm Have B12 jabs....levels are normal apparently ( getting g print out of blood results ).......... Do I have PA? Is this the reason my SF is sooo low.......I'm so confused and fed up, don't know what to GP is great, so will wait to see what he says, But so many of you have problems too and have more info than my GP perhaps....any suggestions.....I also have RA and Gastritis....thanks gang xx

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Hiya, my MIL has been on the infusion/transfusion treadmill. She has been hospitalised repeatedly for low iron. No one thought to give her b12. Her level was 256, apparently normal. After I was found to have PA she decided to take massive doses of methylcobalamin sublingually together with folic acid. For the first time in years her iron levels are now rising instead of dropping. We do wonder whether it's the b12. We are still unable to convince her gastroenterologist that b12 matters. How much are you having, and via which route. Did you get a copy of your bloods?


Hiya Artyboots, my GP decided for me to have the b12 levels checked.....low, so now the nurse gives me an injection every 3 months....not sure how much, as never asked....looks around 5ml in the injection syringe......hope I've been of some help.......can you get yor Doctor to arrange it, it's just a simple blood test?

Let me know how yu get on



That is really interesting that taking b12 helped improve iron levels.

Do you know the dose that she took?

In the book " could it be b12" it says that 256 is really borderline, and recommends that the lower normal level should be a lot higher as is too low.


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