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Vitamin B12 and Folate blood results, Advice please


I have just received my blood results from Myrios Sample 18th Sept.

Vitamin B12 904 Range 141 - 489 States in high category

Folate 45.4 Range 10.4 - 42.4 States Increased levels

Previous results from G.P. 26th March

Vitamin B12 377 Range 180 - 1130

Folate 5.3 Range 3.00 - 20.00

Since then I have been supplementing with B12 Sublingual spray 2400ug daily

Obviously the spray has put my B12 up but would it have also put my Folate up to that high level. I have not been supplementing the Folate only the B12 so I am a little confused and also worried about it.

Should I stop the B12 altogether or just reduce dose.

Also I have been on Levothyroxine 100mcg daily, just increased to 125mcg daily 12 days ago

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks browny

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Like me you obviously have auto immune problems , do you have Diabetes .

I have to keep my B12 levels at a min of 1000 to feel well via injections ,like most people I have to inject every 3 weeks .If yoy have Fatigue chances are Levo-T is`nt working ,it is a synthetic innert hormone and if you cannot convert it ,it builds up in your system , Natural thyroid will Fix it but the Royal Colleges are operating a Cartel payed by Synthroid policed by the GMC leaving patients to die untreated .

My troubles were caused the G/M insulin I was given in 1980 after 20 yrs of trouble diabetes on bovine insulin , I had to pay to get a 2nd opinion , diagnosis -Poly Glandular Auto-Immune dammage to 5 glands caused by the insulin . The Specialist had multiple cases like mine , Pernicious Aneamia , Thyroid , Pancreatic Insufficiency (the cause of 229 insulin Coma`s between 1980&2006 ) , Adrenal , General Absorbtion problems . Despite going back to Bovine Insulin in1987 the auto immune is still progressing , a life sentence with no remission for good behavior .

The NHS defends Novo Nordisk



Thanks for your reply, no I do not have diabetes and my G.P. said I do not have Thyroid antibodies but have hypothyroidism. I have recently noticed a large white patch under my neck which I am wondering if it is Vitiligo (thinks that's the name) which I believed is a auto immune problem.

When I had Vits tested at Doctors my Vit D was also very low at 22 so have been supplementing and have got that up to 97 and of course the Vit B12 was low and Folate lowish. As I have been supplementing with B12 spray I can understand my B12 rising but cannot understand how the folate has gone so high.

Regarding the Thyroxine like you say I may not be converting the T4 to T3 so if I do not improve with the recent increase I will have to look at Natural Thyroid even if I have to pay for it.

Sorry to hear you have had a lot of problems it is so annoying that we seem to have to fight for proper treatment.

Hope your health will improve.

Best Wishes browny


With B 12 deficiency it is mostly about the symptoms rather than the numbers. Even if your serum B12 is it does not mean that your body is using it effectively. This could result in high levels of folate and B12. See if you can get tests for levels of MMA and Homocysteine. They are a better indicator than serum B12.


Many thanks for your reply.


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