Does Taking B12 supplement also increase Folate level


I have previously posted a question regarding this but have changed the question wording in hope of some more replies.

Both my B12 and folate levels were low of range in May. I have been supplementing with sublingual B12 spray only and recent bloods show both B12 and folate have risen to near top of range.

Of course I am happy about this but a little confused.

Would the B12 supplement have made my folate to rise?

Thankyou browny

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  • Hi

    I was borderline deficient of b12 [ 226 ] and my folate was [10.4 ] I started b12 injections, and after only 3 injections my b12 shot up to 875 and my folate went o 18.6

    Unfortunatley I had to stop the injections as i had a bad reaction to them. I am at the moment taking 5 mgs of b12 sublingual tablets hoping that they will keep my levels up.

    regards bowler

  • Hi

    Many thanks for your reply, did you just have the B12 injections and did not take folate supplements,

    if you did not take the folate like me it proves the B12 also raises the folate levels. I did not know if this would happen. Were you ever told to take folate along with the B12.

  • Hi

    I didn't take folate suppliments because I wasn't deficient in folate, just the b12 my level of folate [10.4 ] was in range. but it shot up to over 18. after the b12 injections. So it proves that the b12 suppliment must have increased the folate,[ with us anyway,] be interesting to know if it has happened to others.

  • Hi

    Yes it would be interesting to know if it has happened to others. Hope you are getting on well with the B12 supplements, I use a sublingual spray which I say has risen my B12 and Folate but I still have some symptoms but I am hypothyroid so I am not sure if they are to do with that with my thyroid or B12

    Best wishes browny

  • I hope to get a other blood test result soon re my B12. That will tell me if my B12 level is still up, if so I will continue with the sublingual tablets. What are your symptoms ?

    I am still getting pins and needles in my hands,legs and feet, [ one of the symptoms of B12 deficiency, ] I do have chronic kidney disease, and I recently read that pins and needles are a symptom of kidney disease !!! However as my B12 went up with the injections, it did prove I needed the B12.

    I'm glad I did get my B12 tested and didn't suppliment myself before hand, as I was going to buy folate and B6, however if I had taken them, [Folate and B6 ] I am told they could have masked my B12 deficiency,

    All very confusing.

    I have to buy my sublinguals on line [ Swansons ] do you get your spray on line ? as I seem to have heard that Boot's have started to sell the spray, have I heard wrong ?


  • Hi

    I have been using a spray called ' Better You 12 Boost ' from The Nutri Centre online

    but last time I got it from Holland and Barrett as it was on offer. I spray 8 sprays under my tongue which is 2400ug daily but I may need more as I am still getting mild tingling in feet and numb spots and tingling on my lips and more recently my right cheek has been getting a numb tight feeling in it which I am concerned about. I was initially concerned if I used more B12 spray it would further push my folate up and was not sure if this would be a problem but from a reply I received from Thyroid support it is nothing to worry about.

    I have also heard Boots are now selling a high dose B12 but I am not sure if it is tablets a spray or lozengers.

    Sorry to hear of your kidney disease, it can be confusing when having more than one illness and the symptoms overlap. I have also heard about taking folate can mask B12 defiency. so you were right to have the blood test before supplementing.

    Best wishes browny

  • Have you ever been offered the B12 injections? They may be better for you and get into the blood stream quicker.

    Do you know your B12 level ?

    Sounds like your pins/needles are worse than mine.and perhaps you should have a word with your GP.

    Thanks for the info on Boot's and B12 I will call in and see what they have got when I'm next in town.

    I am at the age when I dont pay for my prescriptions, so it would have been nice if my GP had offered me the tablets/lozengers/spray, especially due to the fact that I couldn't have the injections, and they were free, after all anaemia is an illness!!

    All to save money I suppose?

    regards bowler

  • Hi

    My level was 377 (range 190 - 1100) and G.P. said I wouldn't be able to have injections at that level that's why I started self supplementing.

    I am also hypothyroid and B12 has to be in the upper range for the thyroid

    medication to work properly. I do not know sometimes if my symptoms are to do with thyroid or B12

    I think if the injections didn't agree with you then yes I agree with you your G.P. should prescribe an alternative, do you mind me asking in what way did they not agree with you.

    regards browny

  • Hi

    After the 3rd injection, I started to feel hot, sweaty, with a headache, like flu, I felt bad all night, and in the morning I had a red rash.

    I saw the Dr. that same day who said for me to stop them.

    It's a pity that I reacted to them, as I had to ask for the injections in the first place, as my Dr. said I was within the level at 226 [range 200- 900 each hospital seems to differ in their ranges.] so was reluctant to give them to me, even though I was having all the symptoms.

    I have since had info from the "b12d" site, saying "that the Dr. should have kept me on them, as the symptoms would have got better !!!" Who knows ? I would need to go back on the injections to find out, however if the tablets work and keep my levels up, then I will continue with them, as I certainly didn't like the reaction I got from the injections.

    From what I have been reading/hearing on this site, there seems to be a lot of Dr's who dont seem to have a clue about b12 deficiency, dont know about your Dr ?

    regards bowler

  • Its a pity about the reaction but I have heard quite a few people say the injections don't agree with them, and you are right Dr's don't know much about it and our ranges are too vast,

    apparently in China anyone with levels less than 500 are classed as deficient and get injections.

    Best wishes browny

  • hi have you had your vitamin d checked mine was 17 i have had to take vitamin d with calcium i have had pins and needles i also take b12s as my levels where 276 (normal my doc said ) so i bought my own b12 it is now 648 and i have no pins and needles

  • injections or pills?

  • Hi

    I have been using a sublingual spray, 2400ug a day (ug same as mcg I think)


  • Hi, I have a PhD in medicinal chemistry, and when I last looked at this vitamin B12 is involved in the folate cycle...the 2 are linked so that would easily explain why both increased without the folate supplement.

  • Many thanks for your reply browny

  • Pollyk my b12 was 276 told normal no action(150-620 they say my serum folate was 12.3 ug/L this was in July this year 2 months later after taking b12s off my own decision up until one day of the test September the results 643 b12 ,serum folate 6.4 ug/L would that not have increased the serum folate and why has it dropped so much ?(3.1-19.9 ) im told it should be between

  • Suki65 the folic acid cycle is very complex (if you google it you'll see yourself) one thing I can see is that a vitam B12 deficiency can cause a folate deficiency ergo increasing B12 can increase folate, there could, however, be any number of reasons why increasing B12 may not increase folate...there maybe a number of other factors influencing the folate level, not necessarily just the B12 deficiency...

  • I myself get 3 monthly B12 shots, I found the last one ineffective I still had mouth sores etc etc so my gp put me on 5mg folic acid, this would suggest that while my b12 levels are ok, I am still low in folate....

    However, 2 years ago when I was 1st diagnosed I got pregnant i2 weeks after receiving my 1st shot, after trying for 6 yrs...I think that the B12 increased my folate levels high enough to support a pregnancy.

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