Is it best to take folate with B12 sublinguals


I posted a question recently regarding B12 and Folate. I have been supplementing with B12 which has increased my level and also increased my folate level. As my folate was at the low end of normal before supplementing the B12 it is obvious the B12 has increased the folate now to the high end of normal. I am still concerned if I am doing right by continuing with the B12 only or should I be supplementing with the folate also, or will this push the folate to a unacceptable higher level.

Many thanks browny

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  • Hi browny, I still think you'd be OK with a B-complex, which has the RDA of 400mcg folate in it. 800mcg is an acceptable maintenance dose once a deficiency has been corrected (according to a nutritionist I saw). And we can throw our other B's out of balance when we take B12 so a B-complex is a good idea. I have used Jarrows B-Right before, but I currently use Pure Encapsulations B-complex plus.

    I know this is worrying you, why don't you ask for a red cell folate test, which is a much better marker of folate status than serum folate?

    From this Patient UK article:

    "Red cell folate is assayed by radioisotope dilution or immunological methods. This is to be preferred to serum folate which fluctuates with dietary intake."

    H x

  • You can get a private test here:

  • Hi

    After just saying I was starting to understand all this I am now confused again. I have just read your reply to Pollyk

    and you said if you supplement with B12 only then it can lower your folate/iron further if they are already low with these, this did not happen with me it increased my folate so I am quite confused again now

  • Sorry Browny, I'm not helping am I! You do use up folate when you put in B12, and that seems to be the problem with Pollyk because actually the symptoms she's describing (sore mouth, tingling hands) are very typical of folate deficiency. Equally she might not be getting enough B12 still, but she won't know that unless she tests the other things first.

    In your case as you know, I was a bit flummoxed by your rise in folate, this is not the usual response. That's why I was wondering about methylation issues (folate trapping), or dietary changes etc. in your case. That's why red cell folate or homocysteine would be good tests for you. In folate trapping serum folate can be high but red cell folate low. And raised homocysteine is an indicator of B12, folate, B6 (pyridoxine), or B2 (riboflavin) deficiency - basically it can point to methylation defects:

  • Hi

    Can I get the red cell folate test done as a home test from the biolab,

    if so have you any idea how much it costs

    thankyou browny

  • I'm sorry I have no idea. I think I've seen a combined active b12 and red cell folate test on blue horizon though, let me find it:

    Not that cheap I'm afraid.

  • Think you have to hand type the end of the link to make it work

  • Many thanks again hampster, much appreciated.

    Best wishes browny

  • Hi

    Many thanks for your reply, I was thinking of having the active test for B12 and folate and I have posted a question on the Thyroid Support site asking how long I should stop the B12 supplement before having the test, do you know how many weeks I should stop before having the test ?

    Thanks for the link, I understand more about it all now.

    Best Wishes browny

  • St Thomas' say 1 month, but I think 2 months would be better to stay on the safe side (if you can go that long without them)? I'd also do it on a 12 hour fasting basis, to ensure no dietary interference. H x

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