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Myrios Result. B12 542 Folate 45.4


Could someone please offer advice regarding my results

May 2013 Bloods taken at G.P. s

Serum B12 377 range 180 - 1100

Serum folate 5.3 range 3.0 - 20.

I am hypothyroid and take levo thyroxine 100mcg one day 125mcg next day.

I started supplementing with a B12 sublingual spray, 2400ug daily

Sept. 2013 Myrios blood test

B12 904 range 141 - 489

Folate 45.4 range 10.4 - 42.4

Sept. 2103 started developing right cheek numbness, tip of nose and lip numbness.

Went to G.P. as I was worried I had a stroke.

She sent me to TIA clinic, consultant said all O.K. but had a CT scan to be on the safe side, Scan thankfully normal

Daughter read on internet too much B12 can cause facial numbness so stopped B12 supplement.

Facial numbness eased after a few days but I do still get it intermittently maybe once or twice a week lasting for a few hours before subsiding.

Jan. 2014 Myrios blood test

B12 - 542 range 141 - 489

Folate - 45.4 range 10.4 - 42.4

Obviously the B12 has gone down but the folate has stayed exactly the same, above range.

Can anyone throw any light on the results please.

I am really confused about the folate result.

Many thanks in advance.


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Hi Browny

The only thing I'm thinking, is that it might be a good idea to test your Homocystene level. Homocystene is a very good marker for a Folate and B12 deficiency and may help with the analysis of your problem. I assume that Myrios is the name of the company that has carried out your testing. From the ranges you quote, it would appear both your Folate and B12 are over the top and your face numbness could be due to what is known as a B12 overload, although as B12 is a water soluble vitamin, most tell us it is not possible to overdose, in my experience, it appears that may not be true for everyone. Think about your Homocystene, although, due to your B12 and Folate levels, I would be surprised if it is not well in range. Try asking Myrios what their take is on the idea.

Best wishes B12 Turbo


Hi Turbo

Many thanks for your reply,

Yes Myrios were the company who did the blood test.

I will get the Homocystene test done, do you know if the G.P. will do it or will I have to get it done privately?

I was puzzled how the folate went up without supplementing it, as I only supplemented with B12

It looks like the B12 supplement not only rose the B12 but the folate as well.

Could this be possible?

Best wishes browny


Hi Browny

All I can add is that depending upon the supplement you are using, you may find that they contain rather more than just the Methyl. as most believe that Methyl works much better with additional Folic Acid. The patches I use from the States contain 1000mcgs of Methyl and 400mcgs of Folic Acid for instance and there might lie your answer to your Folate level rise.

Regarding your GP, I see no reason why he could not arrange it. However, IF he will pay for it is something different, but you will need to get the whole blood separated from the Serum quickly after it has been taken, if you do it privately, you will not be able to post whole blood samples for this test, it will need to be Serum only. Try Myrios see what they say, as I havew no idea how far you live from them of course.

Best regards Turbo



The B12 supplement does not have folate in it, it does have green tea extract and chromium included.

It is called Better You B12 Boost.

I have an appt. at the G.P. on Saturday morning so I will discuss the Homocystene Test and will also ask if she will do it, alternatively I have my endo appt. next month so maybe he would do it at the hospital.

I live about 8 hour drive away from Myrios so that would be out of the question.

I will also ask G.P. to do a B12 and folate test to double check it.

Many thanks B12Turbo


Just a thought Browny, your 2 "high" folate tests were Myrios ones, so are perhaps not comparable to the one you had done at the doctors. I know they use different units as well. Why don't you ask the doc to retest your folate? Make sure you fast before the test.


Hi hamster, I have an appt. at Doctor's on Saturday morning to discuss it.

I thought it strange the folate result is exactly the same as the last one.

Also looking back at the posts on this forum a couple of other people have had the exact same result, and one said to the other that it was a coincidence their levels were the same result.

Something is not quite right as the last few days the tingling has been worse in my hands and feet and today I seem to have it all over and it seems like a stinging pricking feeling.

Best wishes browny


OK, I had that test done last November, just looked back at it and it was exactly the same result as you. So I think there's something dodgy going on here. If you get a retest I would be really interested to know the result. H x


Hi hamster, I have sent you a PM as I am not sure if we are allowed to mention members names on here.


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