Drugs for Parkinson's- how do you spell their names?

This is not really a question, more an attempt to answer it. I have noticed many different spellings being used, and I bought a book about Parkinson's which includes drug names.

The most commonly used drugs seem to be



Mirapexin also known as pramipexole

Requip also known as ropinerole

Symmetrel also known as amantadine

CR after the first two means controlled release

There are many other drugs that might be used, and it's confusing to read about them all, but the leaflets in the packs of tablets are helpful. One thing is clear, what suits one person may not suit another, as everyone reacts differently. Another thing that is clear is that none of them are going to cure Parkinson's, but we can kive in hope

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  • Two other drugs are Mirapex and Amantadine. Your right I'll never give up hope for a cure.


  • A couple more are Stalevo and Azilecf

  • Is it Azilecf or Azilect?

  • Off the box AZILECT


  • and Requip XL is the controlled release "version"

  • Rotigotine (Neupro patches)

  • It is even more complex... every drug has both generic and brand names. Sinemet is carbidpoa-levodopa. Azilect is rasagiline. Some have multiple brand names. MY son is a MD and he amazes me.

  • Neupro patches. What are they to help control?

    Thank you ~~Dennis

  • Dennis

    The patches are agonists. They are an alternative to ropinerole or mirapexin (called mirapex in the US i think).

  • Cerelia, thank you so much! I really appreciate this. This is so confusing.


  • I'm glad you found it helpful, especially as it was posted quite along time ago!

  • Yea, I didn't see that until afterwards. But. it still was a big help.

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