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I used to have really bad symptoms. Freezing gait, falling, no balance, could not walk, sleepiness, fatigue. I mean it was bad. I found a way to eliminate 99% of the symptoms by following this drug and exercise method.

Once a day in the morning I take Xadago. It is a new MAO inhibiting drug which works great. Eliminates dyskiniesia and boosts C/LD by a lot.

3 times a day:

1. Macuna Pruriiens (100 mg of Levodopa in it)

2. Carbidopa ( 25mg tablet)

3. Rytary 1 capsule of loweset dose. ( 97mg

4. B complex vitamin

5. Uridine ( 250mg) this helps rebuild your synapses along with the b vitamin

6. 2 dha pills total content 500 mg of dha

Exercise: I do Theracycle 25 minutes a day

Since I followed this regimen I can do most anything. Play golf, go shopping, go out to eat and basically normal life. I hope I helped everyone with this.

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  • rhenry45

    Thank you for sharing :)

    Very promising :)

    Love, Eva G.

  • You are welcome. I want everyone to get better. I tried a lot of things and this is the only thing that actually worked.

  • That's great. It is a formula that everyone could use. The right meds and exercise.


  • How much mucana powder do we need to equal - 25/100 of sinemet (qtr ) ? What carbidopa are you taking ? She had a bad reaction to rytarty - excessive on /off times when it first came out.

    Did you doc give you xadago ? We are in Boston , not sure if it approved in the US yet.

    What doesn uridine and dha do ?

    Just started her on NAC tabs .. not sure what to expect though.

  • Get the xadago from and they will ship to USA.

  • Regarding the Macuna Pruriens, when you write "100 mg of Levodopa" do you mean seed extract or L-dopa as in half a sinemet plus (25/100). Please reply. The capsules I use SOLARAY brand : Dopa Bean Mucuna Pruriens, states 333mg of seed extract,including 50mg (15%) L-Dopa. It would be helpful if you would share what brand you use (powder? capsuses?). Thank you!

  • I bought the same Mucuna by Solaray brand, how is it working for you?

  • I am the caretaker/mom for my 54 year old son who was DX Aug of 2015 by Datscan. We just started using the MP less than 3 weeks ago. He wanted to get off C/L-dopa. The Neuro had him on 2.5 C/Ldopa (25/100) 3X daily. I think he was overdosed. We started slow, but it was still scary. Read Dr Maldonado's book. I was out of town for 5 days and when I returned I saw improvement. Today he started 2 Solaray with 1 tab of C/L-dopa (25/100), 3X daily. My son and I do NOT live together, but about 10 minutes apart. He lives by himself. We live in Los Angeles. Where do you live? Sounds like your symptoms are VERY mild....not my son. I tried to answer you privately but the site said "No Match".

  • I would love to hear from you. my email is

  • You mentioned Dr. Maldonado, what is his first name? is he a Neuro?

  • It's a book, MUCUNA VERSUS PARKINSON, Treatment with natural levodopa, by Dr. Rafael Gonzalez Maldonado, neurologist. I bought it from

    He is a bit confusing.

    He is located, I believe, in Spain.

    If you write in MUCUNA in the "search parkinson's movement" of this site, lots of sharing on Mucuna will come up.

  • I use source naturals macuna dopa 100 mg capsules which you can find on Amazon. I take it with 25 mg tablet of carbidopa which you can get from your neurologist as a prescription. It is also called lodisyn. I take at same time 1 rotary in its lowest dose at same time and this greatly extends the on time. The uridine regrows damaged neurons in our brain but it must be taken with Dha and b complex vitamin to have the effect. You can get uridine on amazon in the 250 mg capsule and also dha in gel caps. I take 500 mg of dha with the uridine three times a day along with the macuna and rytary.

  • She gets dyskinesia with mucana also .. and rytary was a total no no.

    100mg converts to .02 of a teaspoon , does that make sense ?

    She is getting Vit B injections. I will look into uridine and dha .

    What do you think of NAC??

    Hoping to check with the doc about Xadago .

    Have you ever done a cleanse or read about it here?

  • Xadago's main ability is to reduce dyskinesia. do a google search and you will see all about its properties

  • Yes 100 mg is a tiny amount.

    NAC works for me.

  • What are the side effects of these meds/ supplements that you list? With C/L there can be hallucinations which are quite scary and we are searching for something that will not cause those. Thank you for your input!

  • No hallucinations as side effect. This drug reduces side effects of the C/L. That is why I basically started to take it. The xadago is a booster of the C/L and at the same time reduces side effects. That is the best way I can explain it.

  • You may have already answered this in a previous post so apologies for re asking. Ifit is taken and not on Sinemet, are there benefits or does it need to be in addition to Sinemet?

  • In addition to sinemet.

  • Wondering how Xadago decreases dyskinesia since it would for a given dose of l-dopa increase its effectiveness. I tried Azilect + C/L in the past but it added to my dyskiniesias.

    Did Xadago allow you to reduce the amount of l-dopa you were taking?

  • Yes, slower destruction of dopamine, thereby reducing the amount of fluctuation and allowing a lower dosage to be effective would be the way dyskinesias reduced.

  • Would it be possible to summarise how you arrived at this regimen, i.e. what each item if good for? Also have you tried eliminating any to see if any one if not really needed?

  • 1. Macuna dopa is better than sinemet as in studies it has neuroprotective ability. Do a search on google and you will see.

    2. Rytary is good time release formula so it extends the on time.

    3. Xadago boosts effectiveness and prevents dyskinesia from C/L

    4. Uridine in combination with DHA and B vitamins regrows dendrites and synapses which are damaged in us. It even restored brain function in a rat model of PD.

    I think we need to stop our symptoms on one hand and then repair the damaged neurons on the other. That is why I use this method.

  • Thank you rhenry. I shall squirrel this information away. I'm ok on meds at the moment but I can see the time in the not too distant future when some serious tweaking will be inevitable.

  • I will be having some dental work done soon, I am extremtly nervous, afraid, I don't know if I m going to be able to do it. I went this week but I started shaking with a bad tremor, that happens when I am under pressure. Any suggestions?

  • I also have Parkinson's with highly progressed symptoms for the amount of time I was diagnosed. I realize I had symptoms years before I was actually diagnosed. I also take a number of medicines to help with symptoms such as 25-100 of siniment (Carbidopa-Levidopa) 4 times a day with a total of 5 pills a day, 50mg. of primidone once a night to help me sleep thru tremors during the night because my wife is a light sleeper, 25mg of Zoloft for depression however this antidepressant does not work as well as Celexa. Saying all this I still have the symptoms but they have been working as well to be expected. I have good days and bad days but I will say it's tolerable on my good days. This is not why I'm posting this to describe what I take for symptoms but the symptoms that worry me and really scares me on what's to come in the near future. My temper is up and down and I can't control it. My wife constantly gets upset and overwhelmed with my "asshole side" her quote not mine. My kids are scared to talk to me at times. I really would like to get a real percentage on divorce rate with Parkinson's patients. I got diagnosed 2 years ago but it took 5 to 6 years to get there. Me and my wife have been married 22 years and have 2 kids. My oldest is 13 years old and other is 10 years old. I am 45 years old which is very rare for someone my age to have this disease. I peeked the interest of the head of neurology who has a well educated background. I lucked out by getting this doctor. Ok, going off subject. Anyone that could give me a study on percentage of divorce rate considering my back story.

  • I know how you feel. It sucks. Get Xadago as it improved my mood a lot. I was just like you and I know we get edgy very easy. This has been my best solution. I do not know what I would do now that I have found this. Try my regimen out for a few days even and you will see the improvement I am positive.

  • I'm 65, married, 3 children, 4 grandchildren, was diagnosed at 59. Yes, I know what you are going through. I am very short tempered and fly off the handle easily. I try to always remember, it hasn't been easy for my wife either! I stay active, exercise, try to eat healthy. I am very aware of situations that could set me off, so I disengage and chill out. Everyone's situation is different, you know what works for you. I think my anger, I know my anger is this disease. My support group is my cycling class, we meet 3X per week for one hour. We often discuss problems unique to PD like freezing, gait and balance, meds that are working, and meds that don't.

    Medical research is very close to finding a cure. Become a participant in PD trials. Goggle Michael J Fox and read about trials all over the country and how to get involved. Just remember you are not alone in this.

    Let your Dr know what's going on. He's been there and knows how to help.

    Stay healthy, stay active and Keep Moving!

  • Sounds like a good combo. I was dx in 2005 so far my only symptoms are; mild tremors, and slowness and now I am starting to freeze. I am on Requip xl 12mg 1 tablet 2x day and Trihexyphenidyl 2mg 1 tablet 2x day but it seems none of them are working anymore, I went for a walk and encounter a Healthfood store eventhough it looked more like a natural pharmacy. I bought DopaBean Mucuna Pruriens with 15% L- Dopa by Solaray, they recommend Calcium bone formua 1,000mg by Alive! and super D Omega - 3 oil. Do you think I am on the right track?


  • I think the xadago is better than the requip. It has less side effects and is more powerful as well as being neuroprotective. The guys who came up with this are so smart it amazes me. I am a chemist and I could not have come up with this drug.

    Get the Source Naturals Macuna Dopa 100 mg of levodopa and use it with carbodopa 25 mg tablet which you can get from your neurologist. It has made a world of difference in me.

    Use the xadago once a day and follow my method in the first post and you will see a lot of improvement of your symptoms and be able to lead a basically normal life for a long time.

  • Unfortunately none of the two Neuros that I've seen believe in natural / alternative medicine, one of them told me "Hey if you want to throw your money away just tell me where so I can pick it up, I said why? because all of those supplements are garbage. So 99% that she won't prescribe Xadago. Can you tell me where to get it? thank you.

  • Hi . You don't need a prescription as you can get it online at your neurologist does not care if you get better but I do.

  • Thank you so much for the encouragement that's how I need to think everyday.

  • I agree that carbidopa/ levodopa helps. I have to take 5 a day before I evened out with my tremors and diskinesia. I still have good days and bad but I'm in better shape and in more control over my symptoms.

  • rhenry45, I have another question, I am going crazy with my right leg freezing, I don't know if I mentioned back in May of this year, I broke my ankle in three, had surgery, had put 4 screws I am barley started walking, but the freezing make it impossible, sometimes I just stand there and start yelling I have to bend my foot to a 90 degree angle but I can't. do you know what medication helps with the freezing?

  • Not sure bur getting more dopamine flowing should help as I know it works to unfreeze my foot and let me walk. take some simemet and make sure to order the xadago I mention.

  • Please can you send me your email

  • My email is

  • Can you hep me please? before my marriage goes kaput (no sex drive at all) according to Doc. what other supplements you think I need. Thanks

  • Get blueberry extract 20% anthocyanins powder and put 5 grams of it into a smoothie in the morning. it has a powerful neuroprotective effect on the brain. It makes me feel better too.

  • If you are menopausal consider bio-identical hormones.

  • You should look into the herb black cohosh:

  • Dear henry,

    Would you kindly share the dosage you take of adagio? There are 2 strengths available.

    Many thanks.

    greywolf 43

  • I take the 100 mg dosage of Xadago.

  • Appreciate the info. Thanks!

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