As I write this I am back to feeling well-managed. However a few days ago I bought a wrist cuff blood pressure device for my wife and became quite upset with my personal b/p measurements. The machine was about 35% high in its readings, of course. but until I visited a phaarmacy and had my b/p measured by a reliable device I was very concerned. I was so concerned that I had stopped the 1/2 tabs of dipenhydramine that I normally take along with a 1/2 tab of sinemet and a 250 mg gaba-plex capsule, because I knew that prolonged use of diphenhydramine sometimes reduces flow through the vessels. For the 2 days or so that I discontinued that component of my regimen I was sorely struck down in quality of life. Today I am convinced that for me, diphenhydramine used in small regular doses is an important therapeutic step to continue in order maintain my day to day functioning. Feeling better now and the b/p remains normal.

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  • Interesting how often a medicine "holiday" can clear up a few issues. Good heads up on the unreliability of wrist cuff blood pressure devices, thanks. 

  • I am pleased to be helpful, you are welcome.

  • It can accumulate in the body and cause bad dreams with acting out. So does sinamet though. Just be on the watch.

  • Do have complicated narrative style (with a plot and fully developed characters) dreams but not bad ones. If only there was a way to record one's dreams I could provide interesting material to a scriptwriter. Thanks for the helpful warning.

  • I should say detailed dreams--try a dream journal. Write down first thing in the a.m. before you get up!

  • Glad you resolved that BP issue quickly. Wrist cuffs are often inaccurate. While harder to use the arm cuffs are more reliable. If you have a Walgreen's near you, their cuffs come with a lifetime warranty. So if you need to buy a new one, check them out.

  • Did buy the wife's at the Walgreen's and they were very helpful, they allowed reimbursement of the full cost. 

  • I took mine the other day as I've started taking ropinirole and I know it can elevate blood pressure. Truly, the reading I got was incompatible with life and I was about to get my husband to call an ambulance when my son heard me squeaking and kindly pointed out that I'd got the cuff really badly positioned. I don't know why that caused such a dreadful reading but the next two were fine. I am laughing now but it did give me a fright. 

  • I know it, frightening! My fright was something like 192 over 89 and several repeats about the same. I thought about going to the ER. How bad was the reading for your scare? Awfully tense moment wasn't it?

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