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Apollo neuro trial. It has arrived!

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I posted about this device a wee while back and it has finally arrived from the US.


It got stuck in customs in NZ a while and I narrowly escaped it being sent back to the sender! I have no idea why. Perhaps customs were concerned it was a medical device. Anyway it just turned up, they didn’t add gst on it at customs which was a surprise!

Day 1 I presented it to hubby and asked him to try it. He had a melt down. He doesn’t like to try anything new if it involves anything physical. He is happy to try new supplements. He finds putting things on and off too stressful. Eventually after promising this is the last device I will buy for him he agreed reluctantly to put it on. I set it on for a 30 minute session on relax and unwind mode and when it finished he asked for another session. He had another session in the sleep and renew mode before bed.

Day 2 he is happy to put it on. I convinced him to just leave it on like a watch all day and I just need to come near him with my iPad and push a button to choose new modes and set it on so he is happy as it is no fussing for him. He said playing bridge last night at the club went well. He was no worse than usual which is high praise from him.

Day 3 he seems to have accepted it as part of the new normal and is happy to wear it all day. He is not sure if it is helping but often he doesn’t seem to notice improvements as he seems to forget what he has been like. I think I notice small behaviour pattern changes when he is feeling better like wanting to sit with family at night or talking to us or patting the dog when usually he just hides out in his room. I am not sure yet if he is feeling any better yet but they say it can take a while and change can be subtle and he has a severe case of anxiety.

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Good to know. Please let us know if there are any improvements in specific symptoms (after wearing it for a couple of weeks).

Yes will do. My daughter will try it too as she has some anxiety too but on a much smaller scale. She struggles with sleep sometime s so she will also try the sleep cycle

Interesting. You mentioned a trial - is this part of an official trial for using this device in Parkinson's?

Your husband is fortunate to have such a devoted caregiver.

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No just my trial of n=1. They have lots of anxiety research so go to the website and look at the research. He liked the Revitive EMS tens machine but didn't like the fussing if he had to take it off to go to the toilet which is frequent so this is much more convenient and it has modes with lots of different frequency ranges so I thought it seemed hopeful

This is interesting, thank you for posting. I hope it brings him some relief.

It would be interesting to monitor his heart rate variability since the Apollo web site says the device will increase it, but you would have to have established a baseline before use to compare. Is HRV monitoring integrated into the device?

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LAJ12345 in reply to Rhyothemis

No, but I don’t want to burden him with more devices and measurements. I’m just interested in seeing if it makes him less anxious. Not really interested in hrv unless it helps how he feels.

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Rhyothemis in reply to LAJ12345

Measuring HRV is advantageous since HRV is an objective measure of autonomic function and improvement in autonomic function is how the device is supposed to help with anxiety. It's unfortunate the device does not report HRV (or perhaps it does, but not to the end user).

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Yes I know the theory. It doesn’t measure it, I think as they didn’t want to make it any heavier or bigger or more complex Or expensive but their research they have independently measured using an hrv to verify claims.I don’t care as if it works it works . If it doesn’t it is irrelevant to me whether it helps hrv if it hasn’t helped his anxiety.

Yes, please let us know how it goes. It already sounds promising.


Good luck with this it sounds promising.

This morning after wearing this device for 6 days hubby said I think this is making me feel a bit better. He has begun to reset it to run a cycle himself and is finding it very unobtrusive.He didn’t want to wear it around his ankle to bridge though as he thinks it looks like a jail monitoring anklet🤣

He was initially very pessimistic and resistant to wearing it and now likes it. That’s a start!

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Sophiamay1 in reply to LAJ12345

Do you have any updates on this? My grandfather suffers from Parkinson’s and I’m interested in seeing if this could help him.

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LAJ12345 in reply to Sophiamay1

Hi,He is liking it very much and it helps him with anxiety. Lately he has felt very well but he has also been doing other new things too so is is hard to pin down where the benefit is coming from entirely. See this post for my updates.


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