Advanced Pancreatic Cancer

My Dad aged 66 years young was diagnosed with advanced Pancreatic Cancer last Monday. A normally strong man, he has over the past few years had a tough time following a diagnosis of Prostate Cancer which has spread to his pelvis, type 2 diabetes and in November 2015 her suffered a severe stroke just 7 weeks after loosing his Mum (94) to a stroke. It's turned his and our lives upside down. The stroke has left him disabled with left side paralysis, he's a shadow of his former self and this new diagnosis has knocked us all sideways. He kept getting blood in his catheter and on New Years Eve this got worse with him being admitted to hospital the following day. In extreme pain they decided to do a full body CT, the results of which were revealed last week: advanced Pancreatitic Cancer, surgery not an option. He's booked to have a biopsy done next Friday to establish whether or not chemo is an option. He's now on oramorph and zomorph due to the pain, he's being sick and right now we're waiting for him to be discharged from hospital following an emergency blood transfusion as his red blood cell count kept dropping. He's so tearful and in constant pain. Just last night he said he'd rather die than be in so much pain. We don't know yet if he's suitable or strong enough for chemo but I know I'm not ready to loose him, none of us are. Does anyone have any advice or tips on what we should be asking when the results are available? I think he might want to know how long, but is it worse if he finds this out? Will he loose the will to fight? Sorry for the never ending questions, I just feel so lost, confused, angry that it took so long as he's had bowel issues for 4+ years. Thank you x

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  • Hi I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I have just had a whipple op - surgery for pan can. For advice and support I cannot recommend PCUK charity highly enough. There is a v supportive forum of people, both those with cancer and their carers or loved ones offering huge amounts of support and advice. There are also highly experienced nurses available to talk to on the phone or by email who can help you with your questions and give lots of advice. They were a huge support to me when they first starting seeing 'things' on my scans. Please look after yourself and of course your dad Best wishes x

  • Canabis oil helps the pain and shrinks the must have THC. . 3BP also .... juicing everyday and a complete change of diet... NO SUGAR! Hope this helps

  • Please have a look here:

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