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Latest Update...what now????

Hello everyone....just updating...I know last that I told u was that we were going to talk with the surgeon on tues Dec 13....well, they cancelled that and just informed us today that although it is true the tumor has shrunk significantly, it is in fact still wrapped around the artery!!!! Now they want him to start 6 weeks of radiation with the chemo..then another scan to see progress...Just when we thought we were getting close to having surgery and things were looking up, it feels like we are right back where we started...I dont know if this means he will not be able to have surgery ever??? Or what radiation will do to him???? we feel like he was just diagnosed all over again...all of this started first week of august....what happens now???? Scared to death all over again!!!

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Hi , so sorry to hear this , i was really hoping you would be giving us some good news . This dam cancer is the hardest thing to live with , i go on Monday to see oncologist , but i go with no expectations , you learn very quickly not to raise your hopes . ..... i now take one day at a time and am looking forward to christmas with my family , i wish you all the best and keep in touch , we all need each other x x


Keep your chin up and make every day count all the best for xmas and new year ly xxx



Very disappointed with your news, from your posts I thought at least your husband had turned the corner.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.



i hope things turn out ok for you i lost my husband 2 years ago to this horrible cancer. i really hope it works for you.

try and have a good xmas and new year thinking of everyone that has this horrible cancer.

make every day count ly xxxx


Thank you all so much...I hope each of you have a wonderful and blessed holiday


So sorry your news wasn't what you expected, Take a day at a time and try to have a nice Christmas and All Best Wishes for the New Year

Thinking of all who are suffering this Cancer


Sorry to hear your news. I think my comment is the same as the others, enjoy every day you have and take it one day at a time. Everyone seems to be different. My dad was referred for tests on 5th August but didn't even get a diagnosis until 17th October by which time it was too late for any treatment at all, he didn't even get to start chemo before he died. At least you are getting some extra time if the cancer has shrunk significantly. Make the most of it.


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