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I hate this #

Hi all, I'm 59 yrs old just found out 3 weeks ago I have pancreatic cancer. I'm scared to death. My tumor markers are all high, Oncologist said the EUS, which is this Wednesday will determine if they do chemo first (to shrink the tumor), or if it's not a around to many veins & vessels then surgery first. There is a clot on a vein or somewhere that is blocking blood supply to spleen. She said she thought they would have me on blood thinners, but realized with the EUS they would wait.

I am just so scared, this cancer doesn't have a good outlook?

I'll take any advice I can get.

Thank you & God Bless us all


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Does anyone reply to these? I'm scared and would hope for some advice, ancers, hope something?


Hi mcyndi you have been given a rotten hand - I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September 2015, I had a Whipple's Procedure on 8th December in a 10 hour op, I did not have a good time of it with another Specialist bebeing called in to help because of bleeding. I also was in ICU but after that I was fine. A week after that I got fantastic news that what they had told me was pancreatic cancer was actually pancreatic lymphoma - there is always hope my love. I then had 6 cycles of chemo with an additional infusions of Retuxamab. My love you have every reason to be scared but you are in the right place for help and support. I think from what you say you are in the UK - I am in Australia and don't understand a lot of the terminology so may not be of too much substantial help but you have my best wishes and thoughts.

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I'm new to this as well. I'm just 26 years old and found out November of 2015 I had a tumor on my pancreas (head) which isn't where you want it to be at all, but I had the Whipple procedure done in OKC, OK by Dr. Postier. On May 23 of this year. They said I was the youngest patient to ever go through this. I'm happy to say 6 months out I have had not one once of trouble and just went to my oncologist a few weeks back and I don't have to do chemo, they just want to keep an eye on me. So I will have check ups every four months. But all is good. The Whipple if you don't know what it is they cut you from the bottom of your chest plate to your belly button, they took out my tumor, a small amount of small intestines and my gallbladder and bile duct. I was in icu for three days and in the hospital for a total of 7 days and a drain tube and feeding tube in my stomach after surgery for a few days. Post op was rough. After coming home I slept in a lift chair for 7 weeks, I think that was the worst part, was recovery. But at about 3 weeks out I was able to eat a bit better, at least a few more bites then I could right after getting home. Still to this day though I can't even finish a full kids meal. Which isn't such a bad thing. Lol I'm 6 months out working a full time job and have managed to keep off about 20 of the 35 pounds I lost right after surgery. Good luck. I had one of the best outcomes I can imagine. I'm sure not everyone's was as easy as mine but I prayed daily and the lord pulled me through, he knew I had to be healthy an live for my kids and husband. Good luck and I hope your outcome is as good or better than mine. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I know the stress and worrying you are going through.


Thank you both for replying back to me, I didn't think anyone was going to. By the way grannydragon, I live in the US, in Arizona, I've always wanted to come to your beautiful land. It sounds like both of you had great luck with the Whipple procedure. Stacy you are so young thank god that he worked a miracle for you and your family.

I will keep updates on here as soon as I know more, thank you so much, you've both helped me.

God bless you both❤



Watch "The Truth about Cancer" by Ty Bollinger


I was spoken to by a Macmillan nurse when my mum was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May 2016 and she said that every patient she's dealt with has had a different reaction to chemo, radiotherapy, surgery and the cancer in general.

I'm 18 years old, my mum was 47 and I unfortunately lost her in early September 2016. Almost 4 months is not a long battle at all but that was her story and she fought until the end. Your mum could be very, very different. She might react better to chemo.

Pancreatic cancer isn't curable.. Only treatable. Remember that.

Good luck in the future 💜💜


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