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Take a break magazine are doing a story on my mums last few weeks with pancreatic cancer x

I thought I would share this with you all , my mum decided to do a bucket list when she found out that she had pancreatic cancer and that it was terminal she was given only 3 months she died within 7 weeks :-( but what she managed to do within this time has given our family a life time of memories :-) I still find this very hard to talk about but if you read her story it might help in someway someone else dealing with this horrible disease , take a break approached her asking if she was willing to do the story she said yes ! She wanted to bring more awareness to pancreatic cancer , the story is due to be published in next few weeks , I'm a bit nervous about this as they have wrote the story as if it is my story but needed to make it personal and as I was my mums voice as she couldn't think much or deal with anything within 3 weeks of being diagnosed , i was going to cancel the story but all my family feel this is what my mum wanted and what she started so in turn really should be followed through x hopefully the story will help achieve what my mum wanted in some way and bring more awareness for it , would be really interested on everyone's views on this when it does get published x x my mums name is Janet Priest x x

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Hi Kelley,

So sorry to hear about your mum, I lost my dad to PC within 11 weeks of diagnosis, it's awful isnt it? I'm glad that you decided to go ahead with the story, if they have put symptoms in it, then someone may think and go see their GP.


My thoughts are with you and your family too , I think the story will put across how quick this can happen and hopefully how you can use some of that time to build an everlasting memory I know we have them now as part of my mums bucket list was to renew her wedding vows with my dad which we achieved in the mOst beautiful way with donations from local papers radio stations and companies it really was amazing x x


Kelley - so sorry to hear about your Mum. My husband Pete has PC and is fighting, but thankfully we have had since December to, not come to terms with it, but to be able to talk and plan etc. Its heartbreaking and I feel so much for you and your family. I will be really interested to read the article. Would you post on here again please when it is released. Also are you on the facebook page Families in Support of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness.

Best wishes. Sandra


Hi Sandra ,

I hope you and pete are holding out as well as you can , I will definatly post on here when it comes out as not really sure myself when exactly it is , the story had started being put together as soon as my mum found out she had pancreatic cancer and followed through her vow renewals and bucket list till the end , it is quite hard that it is coming out now as my we all found out she had 3 months left with us on June 24th last year so coming up to the anniversary maybe there are reasons for this x I'm not sure if I am on that page but will go look for it now thankyou , big hugs and thoughts all round x x


Hi Kelley , so sorry about your mum , i have this dreadful disease diagnosed oct last year , mine is terminal also , like SanandPete says its just so hard to come to terms with , please let us know when it is being published , i think you have done the right thing , as all awareness for PC is good . Cath x x x


Yes definitely. The more awareness there is maybe the more funding will be given for research.


My thoughts are with you Kelly. Please let us know when this article will be published. So brave. I lost my beloved husband 9 weeks ago, also

to this horrendous disease. He died 3 weeks after diagnosis, so hopefully this article will bring more awareness to PC. xx


Good for you and your family.We recently lost my beloved sister Colleen to this disease.She was a nurse who spent years caring for others but couldnt get the NHS to commit to a diagnosis until it was too late.She had pain in the upper part of her stomach,which radiated round into her shoulder blades.We were backwards and forwards to her Gp being given every thing for upset stomachs to anti deppresents but at no time did they offer her the chance to be seen at the hospital.After six months i lost my temper and took her to accident and emergency where she was given a quick examination and sent away.Eventually another Gp suggested a scan which picked up some strange recordings.Then she was given a barium meal which was normal.Eventually she went for a MRI scan which showed a massive growth on her pancreas.Regretably it was too late and she was refered to the hospice for pain relief.She was very frightened and fought very hard to live as she was a single parent with a fifteen year old son.Regretably she died at the hospice with her son and family by her side in March.She was fourty two years old.Getting the diagnosis took far too long a time and when we spoke to the consultant he said that it is often the case,particularly in young people.We asked if it had been diagnosed earlier could she have been saved?We are still awaiting a sensible answer to that question.Her son is doing well and i am sure she would be very proud of the way she brought him up.I hope your bravery in telling your mums story helps to educate people as prior to our Colleen having this disease we had not really heard much about it.You never know some thing good could come out of our shared tradegy.

Best wishes



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