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5 Tips for Better Posture

5 Tips for Better Posture

1. Better Posture.

Let go of the muscles in the back of your neck. Your head will slightly rotate forward, as the crown of your head moves up. At the same time, feel your sit bones go down into the chair. Better posture, yet sustainably.

2. Out of a slump.

To come out of a slump, release any neck tension. Head rotated slightly forward, let the crown of your head go up. You’ll have better posture, but easily and sustainably.

In opposition to your head moving up, let your sit bones release down into the chair.

3. Breathing.

Slowly let your jaw open like a yawn, and make a whispered ah sound, breathing out. Think of something that will make you smile.

Then, with your lips together and teeth apart, breathe in through your nose with no sound. Your torso is expanding. Do this exercise as often as you like. Better breathing for better posture, and better posture for better breathing.

4. Less Tension.

Let go of any extra tension in your neck and jaw. (It might take a little practice, it might not.)

Free your neck, slowly lower your nose. Your crown moves up.

Notice, and release tension in your neck, jaw, shoulders, and legs.

Release neck tension often. Less tension=less shortening=more lengthening=better posture.

5. Alexander Technique Rest.

Take 5 or 10 minutes out of your day to lie on the floor, on your back, with your head resting on a few inches of paperback books.

Knees bent, and have your feet on the floor. Breathe slowly and fully. Release your neck tension. Breathe.

Gravity is working in your favor, for better posture and more.

By Mark Josefsberg-Alexander Technique NYC

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Thanks Mark, Great tips, and I do some of those.

Another good one is to lie on the floor or a firm bed, breath in through nose and out through mouth slowly (3-5 seconds). Use your tummy to breath as this fills the lungs, and try and exhale as much as you can. Do this a few times, just a bit more than jormal breathing. When ready, breath in and on the breath out relax your body by melting your body into the floor. Keep doing this until you cannot melt anymore. At this point, your body should be totally relaxed.

It takes a while to get the hang of it, and your body may complain if you try for too long. But you can start just with breathing. Then try one melt and go back to the breathing, build it up slowly.

The breathing may cause coughing as you are using the whole lung and expelling stake air. But the more you do it, the less you will cough.


Hi Zanna,

Thanks for commenting. Lying on the floor is a good idea. Put a few inches worth of paperback books under your head so that your head doesn't rotate backwards. Have your knees up. All of this is based on the Alexander Technique, which I've been teaching, full time, for a while. It's a simple, proven, logical system, which really works. check it out! your breathing idea is close to an alexander exercise called the whispered ah, but with a few major differences. I'll try to post something about it.


Thanks for the tips :)


This is excellent. Thank you.


Thanks much, Calceolaria


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