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Pain in my stomach for almost 5 years now

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Hi my name is minty i have been having stomach pains for the last 8 years i have 2 kids i have trouble going to the bathroom to bm no blood in stool i always feel full in my stomach and lately i have been feeling weak and tired..what could this be .. everytime i eat i feel like i need to throw up

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Hello Minty

This is a very long time to have had these pains. Haven't you been to see your doctor before?

He will give good advice and refer you on to specialist if needed.

Don't leave it any longer

Pat x

It could be something simple like a cyst that can be sorted so you must get a docter to look at you properly. This has gone on far too long. X

Ask your doctor to do screening blood tests for coeliac disease. Check out the information on the coeliac UK website too -tiredness, fullness and sometimes nausea and vomiting can be part of coeliac disease, but GPs still aren't particularly good at picking it up even though its really common. Whatever you do though, DON'T change your diet or give up gluten or wheat until you have been properly tested (if the blood test is positive, you will probably need an endoscopy to confirm it) as the blood test gives a false negative if you aren't eating normal amounts of wheat and gluten.

It seems the time has come for you to take action. The body will only go on for so long. Just be aware that it's wise to get a 2nd opinion on any diagnosis!

Hi everyone yes i have a cyst on my civic and an umbilical hernia but they are both very small... i had a stomach ultrasound but they found nothing. . But the pain is still very much there and hurts... Could these be the reason why my stomach hurts.

thanks for the replys means soo much to me cause everyone around me thinks i am imagining these things i have noo support

Visit the doctor. IBS is very likely so don't be scared to go.


Like you, I have stomach pain with nausea. I think it is important to make sure that physical causes have been ruled out. As part of that I had an endoscopy/camera examination of my stomach. That confirmed that my stomach was inflamed. They can test for common bacterial check at that time and if positive then antibiotics can cure this.

It could be IBS and/or exasperated by stress. I have found mindfulness mediation appropriate to chronic pain.

Have you tried keeping a food diary to see if there are any links?

Eating more smaller meals may help - same amount and types of food but divided into 5 or 6 meals no more than 2/3 hours apart.

Hi agoanniephys when they checked your stomach what was the preparation like...? Did it hurt what do i say to my doctor cause i have ask them to check and all he ever says is your okay he never takes it further which really makes me mad..smh ...what was the out come when they checked yours ? Also i am only 32 thats why he never checks but this affects all type of ages...

How to i get him to order a test for this

Thanks for replying it really helps

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gwince1 in reply to minty12

Hi there, I had similar problems, always bloated and uncomfortable, then I got stomach pains, I went to my GP who treated me for IBS, the medication did help a little, but things got worse particularly when I ate fatty food and bread, changed GP he said you have gall bladder disease, got referred to hospital for scan which confirmed small gall stones so had my gall bladder removed, however still suffered but to a lesser degree, but it never completely cleared up, so a different GP tested me for Heliobacter Pylori, which is a bacteria that likes acid surroundings to inhabit, apparently half the population have it with no ill effects, and about 10% of people with it suffer, I had three courses of antibiotics, followed by a Gastroscopy, which diagnosed a yeast infection brought on by the antibiotics, but my stomach was OK. I then had a course of anti fungal medication and hey presto all is sorted!!! It is a bit of a chicken and egg situation, not knowing what caused what. I also had a food intolerance test carried our privately, you can find it on the internet, a simple blood test kit that you can do at home, its really simple, this showed and intolerance to wheat, eggs, turkey, duck, gluten and yeast, and sure enough I do find that when I eat any of the above substances I still get bloating and pain. I am still not sure what the cause was, it may just have been intolerance to certain foods? I have noticed stuff on the internet about non coeliac gluten intolerance, which I think may be me. You asked about a gastroscopy, I would say that the worrying about it is far worse than the actual procedure! They spray your throat and with a local anaesthetic, yes its uncomfortable, not painful, and all over within 10-15 minutes. They did offer me sedation but I declined as I would have had to stay at the hospital for a recovery period, whereas I was on my way home 15 minutes later, they did tell me the problem there and then, so the relief was immediate. I know someone who had the procedure done from both ends and he said the throat end was the worse so I wouldn't worry unduly if you have to have either done. I did go on a bit but my experiences prove that it can be simple things, and I would bet on the fact that most of my problems were caused by food intolerances as if I leave out the offending foods I feel like my stomach is almost concave instead of bloated. Keep at your GP and request tests if you are worried, its taken me twenty years to get to this point, you just end up feeling like an annoyance but don't give up I feel so much better now than ever I have, hope you get it sorted soon, all the best

Celiac, wheat allergy? Sounds very much diet related. Try an elimination diet start by eating vegetables and basic proteins see how you feel after adding each item back in.

It could be anything from ulcers to drinking spirits to cancer, get yourself to a hospital if you think you are not getting the proper answers from your GP.

Good luck and don't hang about getting help.

I have fibromyalgia and part of it is IBS and many food and prescription drug intolerances. I have removed bread and potatoes from my diet and feel so much better. I don't have a sweet tooth other than for sugar in my coffee or tea. Sugar and caffeine also cause bad reaction so I keep these as an occasional treat.

Might be worth you experimenting with your foods.

Feeling sick after eating can be pancreatitis or an ulcer. Have you had an endoscopy done yet?

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