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Tips for PIP assessment please!

Well, after 8 months semi-patient waiting, I have finally got a date for my assessment with Atos. I have taken the self assessment and my results show a need for the higher rate in both areas. Now what do I do to prove this to my assessor? I have used what happens when my condition is at its worse, an every day state, although not all day. I have read some real horror stories, and also a couple of good ones. Does anyone who has successfully been awarded PIP have any advice for me? I am relieved this time has come but terrified of not being able to make ATOS really take me seriously. I'm also frightened of being in too much pain to do things as requested, or of wetting myself in front of them (i can't tell when it's going to happen and it DOES happen three or for times a day despite pads etc). Help! X

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I joined . Really, really worth it. Good luck.


It might sound horrible, but I wouldn't worry about wetting yourself in front of them - that is one sure way of getting a positive result from the assessment as they seem to take incontinence pretty seriously. Make sure you do actually tell them you are worried about that in spite of wearing pads. Also don't worry about being in too much pain to do what they ask - just tell them you are in too much pain. Don't try to hide it.


Thank's just humiliating and undignified, but I guess if it happens then they will really see what I have to go through.Will they say I didn't cooperate though if they ask me to do something that I can't do? What a totally ridiculous process this is! I'm getting stressed just thinking about it. But I really want to explain how difficult everyday life is so in a weird way I can't wait for it to be over. There is this insidious sneaky shame of having to tell a stranger all about my personal problems, I feel like I'm begging them for something I know I'm entitled to. It comes down to swallowing my pride and admitting that this condition is hard to cope with. And for me, it is the realisation that in a year I have got worse and probably will continue to do so. I hate that. Eugh! I'm a person who likes to think I can cope. I ask for and take advice, I adapt and I always hope tomorrow will be better. This assessment has suddenly become much more than a means of getting financial help. Its become some sort of validation that I have a chronic health problem, and a catch 22 situation for me. If they award me pip I have to admit to myself that my life is like this for the foreseeable future, if I'm not awarded the pip I will wonder how much worse is it going to get before I'm "I'll" enough? You know what, I'm going to prepare my list of current issues so I don't forget to tell them anything, then I'm going to forget all about it. I think I can do that. I'm going to try anyway :-)


Good luck. The pressure is ridiculous considering this is supposed to be there to help people like us. Hope all goes well for you x


Thank you, I shall update everyone after my assessment. There are so many people much poorlier than I, who are having to deal with this pressure, and having to fight for money they desperately need to make a difference. I wish there was something we could do about it. For example, I have already seen and continue to see a whole team of Health Professionals, experts in their field, and possibly/probably more qualified to assess me than the Atos assessor. How about taking THEIR word on how my conditions affect ME? They have only written to my GP, (who havent made accurate records in my case until I complained). I have provided all sorts of contact info to Atos for the myriad of other professionals, but when I asked Atoms if they will be writing to any of these I was told "it goes more off your assessment anyway". I would have thought it would be a form of due diligence to at least talk to the others involved in my treatment. From what I can gather very few except those who are terminally ill are not having to go for assessments. It seems an outrage to me. Hey ho. Roll on a week on Weds...


Find out who your local charity is that deals with benefits. Go and speak to them. This will help you ensure that you tell ATOS everything. It will also help you with practice in telling a complete stranger what you need to tell them.

Pain has a habit of creating a fumbling mind, at the time you do not want it to.

I would not trust the self assessment, because legal definitions may not match Oxford English definitions. Your local Charity will have a copy of the disability handbook which describe the rules in a bit more detail than what is on the self assessment forms.

Hope this helps

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That sounds like a really good idea. What I'd have to do though is phone them and ask for a telephone appointment as I can't leave the house on my own right now and hubby is working until weekend. But if I had thought of this before I would have planned to do this earlier. Thank you, I will still try. :-)


Please read my new post...PIP success :-)


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