Has anyone had IV Lidocaine Infusion for widespread pain?

I have agreed to have this procedure done, it is only experimental at this stage but I have said I will take part in the trial.

I told him I will try anything to help this pain. It is being given over 3 infusions at day hospital 2 weeks apart.

Anyone else been offered this treatment? Did it help?


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  • Yes, I had several sessions of this treatment about 6 years ago at the National in Queen Square, London. Unfortunately for me, it had no positive effect whatsoever.

  • Thanks for reply baward.

    Specialist said it was hit and miss. Will try anything once.

    Thanks again and Happy New Year baward.

  • don't want to put you off. Iff you feel unwell while having it done, tell them...........take care

  • i had two infusions the first worked really well the second not at all, but I had no problem whilst it was being done good luck with it, I agree its worth a try


  • I had one, but it wasn't effective for me, but everyone is different, so good luck.

  • Hi I am thinking of trying this myself. Ive been in pain for over 7 years but because Im only 22 the doctors don't seem keen to be administering me with drugs and anaesthetics. Could you let me know how you get on?

  • Hi Zebralegs. Will do. Got my first appointment Thursday 9th.

  • Hi. Just a quick update.

    I have had 2 infusions so far and one more to go on Thursday. Pain clinic has also given me Duloxitine 60mg to start moving up to 100mg if I can tolerate it.

    So far I unfortunately don't feel any different. I still hurt all over and my joints over the last week or so have been very stiff and extremely painful [don't know if its because of the infusions or just flaring up]. I am also extremely fatigued, can sleep 12hrs and still feel tired. I have also had to stop my meds for night time hallusinations [can't take duloxitine and sertaline together] so my hallusinations are off the scale - seeing everything from spiders, rats, snakes to people standing, hovering all around me ect.

    Caz. x

  • Caz

    I was taking Duloxitine awhile back but i had to come of it because it was making my hair fall out but i will say it was brilliant for Bipolar depression for me but the combo i take now is also doing its job Thanks be to God.

  • Hi All

    Well I have had my 3rd and last infusion and unfortunately it did not work. I Have stopped taking Duloxitine [not sorry because it means I can go back to Sertaline for my night hallusinations] and been given yet another drug called Gabapentin and will be going back to see pain specialist in 2 months time. I am feeling sorry for myself at the mo. thought it was going to be a miracle cure and I would be my old self again.

    I also go back to Rheumy next week to see about being put back on something for my joints. At the moment I am as stiff and painful as can be my feet and hands are terrible can hardly walk and cannot make a fist at all plus my back, neck and shoulders are agony.

    Also my jaw is misaligned and agony and I can only eat soft foods and I have a severly dry mouth [tongue is stuck to palate in morning] plus my eyes have dried out and I now have a Corneal Abrasion [eye is blurry and seeing double] and now my other eye is going the same way and waiting to see eye clinic.

    No wonder I feel down!!!


  • Caz i also was put on Gabapenten for AO fantom tooth pain its like having toothache daily..nighmare. Didnt work for me. Have been on a few other ones too but nothing has helped it. I'm enquiring again about another try of Radiofrequency but thats a waiting game so is the waiting list for my prolapsed discs injections. Thats NHS though.

  • Hi Ladycaz, have you been tested for sjorgens syndrome? The dry eyes/mouth sounds a lot like the symptoms of that. I just wondered what they thought was the cause?


  • Hi Lipbalmaddict, have never heard of sjorgens syndrome. Have had a look on internet and it does sound like my symptoms. Will ask Rheumy about it on Monday.

    Thank you so much for the info.

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