Hello I have sciatica and backache nothing seems to help with the pain...

Just wondered if anyone knew what helps please? I have had it now for 8 months and have put in for disability benefit just wondered if anyone knew if anyone else has disability benefits for the same thing please? Pain is too much today makes me want to cry but I have my daughter to think about so I get on with it even tho I want to cry xx

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  • Day to day, the only thing that helps mine is diazepam. But it’s highly addictive so unlikely to be prescribed long term.

    Is it a disc bulge/slipped disc situation? If so you might consider spinal injections. Not a guaranteed relief but worth a try. Have you seen a consultant? Had MRIs?

  • I have sciatica. Had op as otherwise I'd be in a wheelchair now due to slow onset cauda equina. The op luckily prevented me from serious complications. Still have sciatica and back problems. Have had facet joint injections which helped so now going for denervation soon in two sessions. Anyway medicine wise what does help me is pregabalin and paracetamol after trial and error. However the question is have you had an MRI yet and seen a consultant?

  • Hi thank you for your reply.... I haven't had a mri I asked for one doctor just laughed at me and said I don't need one.... like I don't know what I'm saying.... been to see another doctor he said I have to see optition and have blood tests and and ecg and blood pressure taken xx

  • Well if your gp just laughs at the idea of a MRI just ask to be referred to a specialist. I saw a neuro surgeon who was very quick in deciding what to do.

  • Thank you so much for your advice I keep going to gp they just laugh at me .... I find it so frustrating xxx

  • I actually was unable to get of the floor and with help from my husband I finally got of but was not able to do anything at all for 2/3 days which prompted the health officials to order my first MRI. I can remember thinking how will I get there but I managed. So slightly more dramatic beginning but nevertheless you can at least try and push for a referral. Good Luck

  • Hi ya Emma I was exactly the same they don't listen to me xxx

  • Not sure what else to say. I started getting bladder issues hence the speed up suddenly. But do not wish that on you.

  • Sorry to say, after an accident at work,four years ago, I have had sciatic and back pain, since, I'm on 15 mg slow release morphine, twice a day, oramorph to take on worse days.

    It might take the edge off, but not great.

  • Hi genna 1..... sorry to say but at only 8mnths in,your only at the start of a really bad rollercoaster ride!before any surgery they will try you with many things, physiotherapyis but one.itcan work in some cases but in most of the posts I've read on this site it doesn't get mentioned that much and didn't do anything for me.once again everything takes an age so be ready to endure what pain you have and more for a long time to come but I hope in your case it's only muscle related and can be worked off with exercise

  • Thank you so much I try exercises don't help xx

  • My partner has sciatica and got great relief from going to Chinese massage person while on holiday in lanzorote but they are also some operating in Ireland. It's worth a try!!!

  • Thank you xx

  • Hi Genna1,

    I suffer same similar problems, You really need to push to find out what is causing the sciatica, you need a MRI, ask to see different GPs or another surgery. After I injured myself and finally got physio which was urgent they saw/examined me and told me straightaway it's nerve damage/issues you need to see a spinal specialist and get correct medication. If you just take tramadol that will help for some of pain but if it is nerve issues Amitriptyline, pregablin, gabapentin and many more might help more. When the specialist called me disabled that's when I applied for PIP which was 13 months after pain started, they took I think 2-3 weeks after the assessment and backdated the payment, like the others said it's what care/help you need.

    I have a bulge on a disc L5/S1 level with a Tarlov cyst too the bulge is pushing on sciatic nerve which causes me big mobility problems I have to use a crutch, can't walk fast/far, cannot drive anymore, had to give up my childcare job. It has been a very very slow path I've been on, life completely changed and most likely to stay like this. Had a nerve root block which gave no relief pain clinic then said they cannot help me any more. I'm now under neurology dept and maybe being considered for spinal nerve stimulation if they think I'm suitable. I've tried chiropractor and oesteopath gives a little temporary relief.

    Hope you find out the cause of your problems soon, try to keep busy, find other things you can do, so you don't dwell on the pain, I take each day as it comes, plod on with life at a new very slow pace. I always try and seem cheery and 'fine' if people asks as actually I'm not fine but I hate talking about it.

    Sorry long essay

    Take care


  • Bless you I'm so sorry I wished I could help you I would if I could.... I live in a very small village it only has one surgery no-one seems to listen or care what I say to them the pain really is getting too me I have suffered depression secretly for years now and I'm struggling to get doctors to take me seriously .... I will do what I can I guess all I can do really.... I hope your ok my lively keep intouch and take care I hope and pray things improve for you xxxxx

  • Thank you, that must be very frustrating then in the small village, even though you are at start of journey but you are classed as having chronic pain as it's lasted for over six months, the doctors should of really sent you for a MRI, try asking them about physio then the physio's can refer you to spinal specialist/MRI hopefully. I think that some people think sciatica is just a everyday thing which comes and goes and isn't painful but it is very painful and life changing.

    You take care

    Diane x

  • I have asked both doctor and physio for a mri doctor just laughed it off saying I don't need one.... it's so frustrating but I'll get there in the end I'm sure thank you very much Diane xxxx

  • Thank you your very kind take care xxx

  • Hello.

    I suffer too but my pain is worse after my back surgery so surgery and injections should be avoided as they mostly do not work. So to help with sciatica do the following and be serious about.

    Loose weight as extra weight adds stress to all tissues ligaments nerves arteries and bones.

    Eat a low inflammatory type diet. Avoid added sugars and over carbing. Eat light and drink water. Think about eating pacific wild salmon and other foods that are anti inflammatory. This will take pressure off your nerves.

    Get a physical therapist and start a program of proper exercises, stretching and gradual strengthening. Learn proper body mechanics for walking , sitting, working etc.

    reduce stress around you and get a pet such as a cat to help with stress relief and to dissipate negative energy.

    Try light traction under care of a trained professional to help decompress your spinal column naturally.

    Be careful with chiropractic treatments as this can sometimes go wrong Never get chiropractic treatments without an X-ray or mri

    You do this these things consistently and you will get better



  • Thank you so much it makes sense xx

  • Its Manditts here,if you have read my story you will see that i suffered for 24 yrs,i was going to take my own life.I have tried every procedure,medication available.I had a deep conpression back fusion in April and it has been so successful that i am a new person.I still have lower back pain but this is bearable,i have no sciatic pain and its great.Ive had so many neurosurgeons advise against surgery .I have been on a disability pension for about 9 yrs.I was just so lucky that a wonderful neurosurgeon at Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital in Perth agreed that surgery would be beneficial,he is surprised at the great result i have had.I feel like a new person and im extremely blessed to have this new chance at life.I cant tell you how many small procedures i had ,and all the medications i have been on it was never ending.Surgery was all that was left and i wish it had of been done 24 ago.I wish you all the best cose i wouldnt wish what i have been through on anyone.Fingers crossed Manditts.😃

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