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When we get older many will downsize into small properties that are much better to look after, this can cause a great deal of angst, you wonder what life will bring to you for your later years. We are now virtually at the new address now although we still need to move more fully in the coming weeks. We are in the hands of public bodies that have no care in how you feel, about the property that your family has lived in since 1933.

Last night, we arrived back in the village where we will spend our retirement the sky was blue and I parked up not missing four deer in the field overlooking our garden, Pax our collie gave them short order and they jumped over a hedge in a coppice jost thirty feet away.

We were having dinner and we looked out of the window, birds of prey were flying over a border tower on the other side of the road. You begin to realize that life has its changes and

and we all need to move on, our journey continues so we need too catch our breath and take it how it is dealt, in pain or not we cruise onward into a new life, that is exiting , we all have too move on and try new interests and meet new fellows on a progressing journey, in a rural county, where I can watch the seasons progress

All the best


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Your new place sounds lovely x


Enjoy your new home, you have already found some positives and I am quite envious of what sounds my dream for retirement, peace and quiet and nature around me.


Enjoy your new abode. Sounds releaxing, a new adventure. I am a little jealous, all the best for the future, Ann


Hi Bob,so glad you are happy,enjoy your new home it sounds amazing.


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