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The Train of Life....for David x

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Some folks ride the train of life,

looking out the rear,

Watching miles of life roll by,

and marking every year.

They sit in sad remembrance,

of wasted days gone by,

And curse their life for what it was,

and hang their head and cry.

But I don't concern myself with that,

I took a different bent,

I look forward to what life holds,

and not what has been spent.

So strap me to the engine,

as securely as i can be,

I want to be out on the front,

to see what I can see.

I want to feel the winds of change,

blowing in my face,

I want to see what life unfolds,

as I move from place to place.

I want to see what's coming up,

not looking at the past,

Life's too short for yesterdays,

it moves along too fast.

So if the ride gets bumpy,

while you are looking back,

Go up front, and you may find,

your life has jumped the track.

It's alright to remember,

that's part of history,

But up front's where it's happening,

there's so much mystery.

The enjoyment of living,

is not where we have been,

It's looking ever forward,

to another year and ten.

It's searching all the byways,

never should you refrain,

For if you want to live your life,

you gotta drive the train.

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THanks Bananas5 for your share of that poem !

I appreciate the thoughts that go with it and really speaks to me at this time in my life.

Looking and Moving Forward in my life are Big Steps in keeping me focused on positives and releasing the negatives. What a process. (:

Thankyou again B and All the best of 2019 to you and your loved ones, r-e :)

Hi bananas5 how are u

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Bananas5 in reply to Yogibe

Not good


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Yogibe in reply to Bananas5

Why what is wrong hope u and David are ok

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Bananas5 in reply to Yogibe



Nice to see you again, thank you for the poem, reminded me to get in the driving seat again now new year is here. Hope you had a good Christmas and now its time to look forward once more with hope for 2019 xx

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Bananas5 in reply to katieoxo60

Never very far away Katie and do listen to all posts.

Been a really difficult few weeks but onward as always. And the warm winter sunshine does help...dries washing quickly!!


What an eye opener. Im on the back and I want to drive the train❤️

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Bananas5 in reply to Sallyderek

And you can


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Sallyderek in reply to Bananas5

I will be soon ☺️

your poem really hit me! I have been too long in the

back of the train! I want to move up, but its so hard!

Your an inspiration to me! Will print off poem!

Blessings to you and David!


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Bananas5 in reply to trishj46

You can do it. Maybe not in a conventional way but you will find YOUR way.


Wonderful Pat. That is really inspiring. Thanks for sharing, Rib

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Bananas5 in reply to RibvanRey

David's train is struggling a bit on the gradients but will soon be back on the level.


This spoke to me so much, I am going to haul my self into the drivers seat and slowly chug off. Hopefully I will reach a full head of steam at some point,

You are right you really do have to the control of life.

Ps just tried to click like and it kept taking backward,

Story of My life sometimes!

Bless you Ned...not many of us old timers around these days.

David has had a love of trains since he was 2...steam of seemed very apt for him


Absolutely! I got cancer at 22 and realised I wanted to make every moment count, and live life. Now 62 with decades of Fibromyalgia behind me and very severe Cervical Spondylosis, but still out there rocking life - albeit that as Leonard Cohen said in one of his lyrics ‘ I ache in the places where I used to play’.

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