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Well it seems that I am beginning to start my new life on the English/Scottish Border now,

Will start on the Practice Participation group next month and hopefully get things moving for new activities and voluntary works again.

Life is still complicated what with the cold weather up here the wind whirls around coast and Cheviot and sets my joints on edge so I am now expecting my first flare up this winter, you can set your watch by it, it is sadly so predictable so it is back on the full wack of medications.

Pax is still bouncing around and still expects his walks, sadly it is now so problematic so I can only attempt one of three outings because of the pain and been so tired all the time, I try an do work in the garden although it is a chore when the weather is so cold. work outside becomes slow and tedious, although I have too push as much as I can. We all have a life even when we suffer chronic pain.

Over the last week we have seen several Sika Deer just down the road and we saw a hare only about six feet away. It just sat and watched Pax for about ten seconds until it registered in Pax head and it was away him in hot persuite so that was the end of that.

We are getting Fox in the garden, and a family of hedgehogs, sometimes we see deer marks in the lawn , Our neighbours saw three Badgers the other day so we have some nice next door neighbours of the animal kind. Now we feel so lucky to live in such nice countryside.

All the best


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Hi Bob, nice to hear from you. You are in a wonderful part of the country. Enjoy the wildlife and try to keep well.

Best wishes,



Hello beaton,

Hope you are ok



Yes thanks Bob.x


Hi Bob, good to hear you are settling in, wrap up warm and stay well, Ann


Wonderful, Bob, how lovely to have all that wildlife around and so close.

I sympathise about the extreme cold up there, our youngest son and family live near the top of Aberdeenshire, we spent 5 days with them in October 2009 and I have never been so cold, and the wind made my eyes and nose run all the time, have never used so many tissues!! But the countryside and coves are so beautiful, the air so clean, the sheep so white compared with here in Suffolk. My husband wanted us to move up there, but I just couldn't face it, so we downsized from a country village to the outskirts of Bury St Edmunds, which as we getting older is so convenient.

We had hedgehogs until our dog took such an interest in them that they moved to a neighbour's garden, we have a number of different bird species but not as many as in the countryside, but the bungalow suits us well so we are content!

Carry on enjoying, and wear plenty of warm clothes!

Love, Chrissy


Dear Bob, welcome to your new home. As one living a little further north than you may I recommend "The Full Set"? This is merino, or bamboo underwear: leggings, longsleeve top with thumb rings to keep wrists warm, and neck gaiter worn daily. In severe cold wear two layers of them. This allows one to pass winters up here in super comfort and one worries far less about heating bills. No draft passes this kit! Both fabrics are anti bacterial so need washing less. Good luck, enjoy that lovely nature, I find it so healing.


Yes completely sympathise, your bit of the Borders is wilder in all senses of weather and animals.

We get a few red deer, rabbits, hares, birds, buzzards, foxes etc over on the hill. Some have been spotted in gardens but they seem to do their own thing and move on. Except the mice - they seem to like living in our attic.

Most winters I wear wooly tights, wooly socks, thermals, joggers, thermal boots and a long skirt, thermal vest, teeshirt and 2 jumpers. Makes me about a size 42 :) but keeps me cosier than having the heating on full blast.


Hello BOB here

This year I feel that I need long Johns and a wolley vest, going out on Scottish Border later, it is a good bit higher than here I think I will need to have seal skin togs as well

All the best




Hi Bob

Wow you sound like you are in an amazing place with so much wildlife on your doorstep. Get yourself onto Maplins site and order yourself a heated gillet and gloves they will allow you to be warm outside so you can enjoy it for longer. I def recommend their gloves they are not too bulky and stay so warm and cozy.

I have included a gillet on my xmas list as the cold is a killer for my pain levels.

May you have many happy years in your new home.



Sounds lovely Bob, I wish you many years of happiness in your new home.

Wrap up well :)


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