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Whats wrong with you then, Oh it's Just pain, then, Hmmm'

I broke my Back in Italy, and let me tell you do not run down our NHS' as I've seen what it's like when there is no real NHS' in another European country, at least in 1985 when I was at the mercy of the Italian hospital in Pisa.

The problems with nurses are at the forefront of our media at the moment, and so they should as like in any society there are good and bad, but in a service that should run on care, the care part should be at the top.

I won't go into my personal problems, as I made such a mistake about being too honest, only to have my personal issues discussed as if I had no right to any privacy at all.

But back to Nurses, well the Hospital I have been sent to now could not be so different from how the nurses treat you in the other one that I was attending ,they were worse than the Italian Nurses, at least they were polite to your face.

With pain, there is no way of letting nurses know or anyone for that matter, for when I was floored in my flat by such pain that I wanted to die, when every movement brought on such pains that I can not do it justice, you see I had been going to my doctor with leg pains and back pains and was told it was sciatica etc'etc, and even as I was rushed in ambulance to my hospital screaming in agony with any movement at all .

I was left on a trolley for ' well it seemed like hours (I was just in too much pain to move and to keep track of time), but everytime a doctor or nurse passed I begged to be relieved of this pain , and more than once a whisper from some nurse or other to the doctor I was asking, only to watch with horror as I seen their face change as they walked away with a cursory nod and a someone will be with you soon.

Well I will admit it was my lifestyle that was probably to blame for me being there, so when eventually I was seen as a person that was yes ! a genuine case, then they did move quicker , but you see I had an abscess pressing on my spinal cord, and they thought I was going to be paralysed, and a long time after the consultant said that they had never seen a worse case , and as i could not control my bowels bladder or basicly most functions other than lying as still as possible as any movement was sheer hell ... Yes' let me tell you, pain is bad now' but I was left traumatised by my night of hell because shock with pain added can leave you very very wary of hospitals and doctors and nurses when left on a trolley to suffer for such a long time, because you were not taken seriously, and believe me ' that was just one episode about pain and it's effects, and only to watch the faces of people who you were asking for help, turn away from you in disbelief as to your plight.

Only now it's being done by fog-horn and politicians using the media to beat you into a guilt ridden life of pain with such looks of disbelief from the community you live in, to top it off.

But there are good nurses and doctors and we must not be led by the nose by the private sector, and private health insurance companies trying to frighten us into altering our NHS .

My new nurse at my clinic is a darling, and whatever her politics or real feelings about patients, she leaves them at the door and begin's to care for sad characters like myself, to her and my consultant Doctor I say thank you very 'very much.

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That is absolutely horrifying. I'm glad you are getting help now.


Thank you for your comment, and yes I'm being seen by a very good bunch of people.


You have had a truly horrible experience. I just hope/pray that the health care system and people in general continue to learn how to help each other better.


Whitedaisy' I think in the most part people are good, and it's sad how bad experiences seem to cloud our mind more, please don't let my experience reflect to badly on our system, it's still one of the best in the world.


I deleted my comment as my husband has tobe treated by the same hospital again. Just to let you know why I deleted it.


The uk health service is in a bad place at the moment, although this is not an excuse for bad

treatment you always have the right that means good pain control if they feel that they may operate sometimes they will be reluctant to give you something until the doctor gives them permission to do so.. This is no excuse here I am pleased that you have found some allies in your your NHS travels


Yes thank you I have, and yes sadly our NHS' is again being used in a way that was never imagined when it was set up.

I hate saying this because it is against everything I believe about the Health Service.

But I have other experiences that I will write about,and almost as bad but not just yet, as I want to think a bit more, thanks for your comment


Skeggy' my friend ,Thank you for commenting and tell your husband he has reason to worry because now when you go into the hospital and give your details it's like a CRO check and any derogatory remarks in regards possible time wasting or wanting drugs or any of so many other things that folllow you, that any doctor or nurse, may have put next to your name and may be used to place you at the back of the queue or ' well we all know how bad remarks seem to carry weight, and so we grin and bear it so as not to bring the institution down on you.

But for every bad nurse or doctor there are many who work very hard and long hours.

So please don't let your husband worry as there are good reasons why mistakes are made and in my case it was my own past that crept into it and confused the issue , hope your husband get's bettere.



Now I am a member of Link mental health, dementia group for the NHS i will be transferred into a new organization for the NHS called HEALTHWATCH in April of this year it will have extensive powers as it will be attached to the now CCG that will be dealing with patient costs

So it is hoped when this is brought about, we will be not only dealing as friends to families, dealing with patients who have an axe too grind., this will extend to wards as well. Allowing for unanounced visits to take place. I supposed this is the Governments big society as these positions will be voluntary. We will have too wait and see.

This is no excuse to what has happened to you but what could happen in the future.

My condition is not only dealing with the NHS but also social care and private nursing homes so I am going to have my work cut out, this will be both complicated and the government knows this, So chin up

All the best keep taking the tablets



There are some truely shocking things going on, not only in the NHS but in other settings. The Mid-Staffs inquiry is horrifying. I will not get going on the politics or I'll never stop.

But as a healthcare worker, we are not all bad, uncaring people. I hope that my experiences as a patient have made me a better professional. No amount of teaching or training can really show you what it feels like to be on the receiving end, and when you're feeling at your lowest physically & mentally even the tiniest (and sometimes I'm certain quite unintentional) comment or facial expression from the people who are meant to be looking after you can knock you sideways and any trust you had for those people can fly out the window.


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