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Physio on holiday!

For some weeks I've been suffering from severe sciatica. I have a pain clinic appointment for 9th April. However, the last 3 days it has stopped me going out - apart from choir practice.

The one thing that really helps is manipulation by my physio, so I rang today for an urgent appointment. "The practice is closed until after Easter!" So I rang my former osteopath - "Tim left a year ago!" No appointments available with anyone else.

Maddening - I'm left with my exercises, my TENS which doesn't want to work, heat, cold and the tennis ball! Unfortunately on Sunday I have a long trip as a passenger to a rat show, where I have to fetch and carry for the judge as part of my judge training.

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Well missrat, affects some of us more than others, in what we do to prevent it, does it help? In my eyes...No.

The pain clinic will probably suggest the tens machine, a favourite by most, but not by some, am sorry to say that am in the not by some just isn't suited for me. Please try it, it may help you.

You take care, have a safe journey...



Hello joe

Bob here

Have you tried a PAIN PEN,might be able too test one at BODYCLOCK

All the best



TENS is the only thing that usually helps.


Hello missrat

Sorry I seemed to miss the keyboard on last reply was not swearing all the best



Maybe they can organise things so you have less fetching and carrying to do, and let you sit between events. Or maybe you could find a volunteer to help you if theres a lot of walking to do.

My sciatica settled down itself, took about 6 weeks. I had painkillers for 3 weeks as it was just one pain too many. My usual alternative methods couldn't reach it.


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