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I saw my GP yesterday and I asked her about the steroid injection I had and how long they last and she said the same thing as a lot of people have said ( how long is a piece of string) but she did reassure me that I could have another one after 3 months and could have one every 3 months indefinitely, but that being the case I am hoping that the one I have just had carries on keeping me almost pain free for a while yet, I have spoken to others who have had a steroid injection and quite a few have said that they have not experienced pain since they had one, quite a lot have said they haven't had pain since, I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is the case for me.

I am now completely off the tramadol and not getting any more withdrawal symptoms, apart from my back being a little stiff in the first hour of getting up I am much more mobile, I am now walking with the aid of a cane and am able to go much further than before, I asked my GP about going to a pain clinic and she advised me to leave that avenue unless my pain returned to a degree that I was before, she also said she could try and up my Butan patches if needed

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  • I'm really pleased that you're managing better now; particularly that you've stopped the Tramadol!! Walking with just a stick is great too and only having the short term stiffness when you wake up is what I'd call a result!!!!!!

    Try not too be always worrying that it may only last for a certain time because ike you've said, some folks only need the one steroid and that's them sorted. I'm quite envious but also really happy that we've got some good, positive news on here for a change....


  • RJC thanks for your kind words, I hope you are doing better, it is such a boost when people like yourself give such positive vibes

  • Hi Nin123

    I have had several steroid injections for trigger fingers, tennis elbow and also in my lower back and for me they have worked great and never needed anymore except for my trigger fingers as I get trigger fingers in my other fingers. I am now going to see my doctor to see if I can have steroids injections in my hips as I am having pain and stiffness in my hips. I have to say that they work really well for me and up to now never had to repeat them in the same area except for my fingers. I call them my little god posion. 😁 I wish you well and hope they really work for you. Take good care xx

  • I am pleased that like me the steroid injections work for you take care and have a Wonderful Christmas

  • Thank you for your reply. Had another 2 steroid injection in my hips yesterday and once again they have worked so quickly for me. Now my doctor wants to give me acupuncture in my in the mussels in my mussels in my bottom. So hopefully they will take all the stiffness and pain from them and hopefully that should be that and I will be out of my pain. I also hope that you are feeling the best that you can my friend. Take care and try and have a really good Christmas.

    Jan101 XX

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